Pics from All-Faiths Ultimate Tournament

Well, I’m going to post these on’s discussion board, but I decided you guys should get to see ’em first.

You’ve seen one of them already; they’re from the Ultimate tournament I attended over the weekend. Click to see a bigger version! 🙂
[picture: Cherie shows off her battle scars...]

[picture: Leathers, Breen, Rex, and Meli look on as Eric Gustafson applies The Force on Grey team member Jeff]

[picture: Red team member David Tanner pivots in an attempt to fake out Alex of Grey]

[picture: 'If only I laid out a little sooner...']

[picture: Helen Myers of Grey breaks wide open from her mark to receive the disc.]

[picture: Enjoying Helen's trombone solo between games]

[picture: Uh oh.. someone found the keg... L to R: Ivan, Alex, Cherie, Eric, Darren]

[picture: Reason #1249 to choose Guinness over Heineken: you can get it out of the keg]