Places I’ve been

Chrissie just started an interesting post over on her blog about places she’s been.
Here’s my list:

  • Toronto, lived there 4 months
  • Ottawa, lived there 4 months
  • San Francisco, holidayed 1 week
  • San Jose, conferenced 6 days
  • Cupertino, trespassed for 2 hours
  • Southampton, England, girlfriended 1 week
  • Greenwich, brothered 4 days
  • Trinidad, visited grandparents 5 months
  • Seattle, lived there 4 months
  • Montreal, 1 week
  • Vancouver, lived there 4 months too.

And now I’m in Sarasota, Florida. Travelling is fun. I’d really like to visit Thailand; I’ve got a few friends who have been and everything they’ve told me about it is pretty neat. Spain, Sweden, Italy and Greece are also up there. Germany too. I’d really like to go to Berlin at some point.