Public Service Announcement #28924

ankle bones
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So yesterday I nearly sprained my ankle. Twice.
You’d think almost spraining it once would be enough. Instead, I said, “Nah, I’m fine. I’ll just take it easy.”
And of course I didn’t. And of course it happened again. GUH!!!!!!
Anyhow, I’m glad I didn’t seriously sprain it. Two things lead up to this: (1) lack of proper stretching before playing (2) poor ankle support in my cleats.
My excuses:
For (1): I was late, so when I arrived, the game had already started. And it was cold out, so I didn’t want to just stand around on the sideline reaching for my toes. I’d freeze!
For (2): They’ve worked so far!
As you can see, they’re both pretty lame.
(1) is fixable with a little planning and some extra clothing; (2) is totally fixable — pretty much any shoe would have better ankle support than my blue pair of Adidas soccer cleats; on the flip side any other shoe would also be heavier. I’m currently eyeing these beauties as replacements.
Anyways I just finished a 13 hour workday. It was a lot of banging a head against a figurative wall. Ick. But I had Cam there to keep me company! Heh heh heh.. I leave you with some reading. Good night, sleep well!