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  • From GoDaddy to DreamHost

    So, with luck you haven’t noticed any downtime– but over the weekend, I switched hosting services from GoDaddy to DreamHost. A big thank-you to my brother Davin for getting me started with my own domain, and managing it for me for the past three years 🙂 So far I am totally happy. I’d never transferred…

  • Ah, screw it

    I’ll figure it out later. In my quest to speed up my posting experience (sometimes I have to wait up to a minute and a half just for Moveable Type’s “Create New Entry” link to come back with a blank field for me to type in), I’ve been exploring WordPress 2.5. It’s got a great…

  • The blog stirs

    Hey all… just an update to say an update is coming, ha ha ha… on a side note I will be in Victoria this Christmas, so if you read this blog and are going to be there too, please get in touch!!!