From GoDaddy to DreamHost

So, with luck you haven’t noticed any downtime– but over the weekend, I switched hosting services from GoDaddy to DreamHost. A big thank-you to my brother Davin for getting me started with my own domain, and managing it for me for the past three years 🙂
So far I am totally happy. I’d never transferred domain registrars before, and that went pretty smoothly (apparently the transfer process isn’t yet complete, but as far as I can tell it is). Transferring my Moveable Type 3.2 blog was also a super smooth process… all it took was bringing over the files, changing all GoDaddy-specific paths (ended up being about 15 files) and importing my Moveable Type database (previously dumped via GoDaddy’s database admin tool) and changing the mt-config.cgi file to point at the right DB path. Awesome.
My Gallery 1.5.5 install (see the “Photos” link on the sidebar over on the right if you’re reading this via the web… if you’re reading via RSS, I’m figuring out how to best configure an RSS feed for it.. you can see the current feed here 🙂 also came over super-easily; only needed to edit about two files. However there’s still an outstanding problem where viewing an album’s properties seems to fail in Safari but works in Firefox (odd). I’m about three years behind on Gallery so I’m just going to upgrade eventually.
Both apps now SCREAM. I am SO happy 🙂

Ah, screw it

I’ll figure it out later. In my quest to speed up my posting experience (sometimes I have to wait up to a minute and a half just for Moveable Type’s “Create New Entry” link to come back with a blank field for me to type in), I’ve been exploring WordPress 2.5. It’s got a great theming system built into it, allowing you to very quickly apply a theme that someone else has created to your content. It’s really cool, at least from a blog-owner’s perspective. No coding required, just upload the theme to a particular directory on your webserver and select it from a graphical theme picker section of WordPress’ admin section. Pretty rocking.
Only thing is, I can’t find a theme I like. Ha. And there are thousands. Maybe I just need to spend more time looking. The good part is, WordPress allows you to edit the source, once you’ve got a theme installed. So, maybe find something I like and tweak it.
Right now, I’m using Moveable Type 3.2; this is a few releases old and I wanted to try out what the latest version, Moveable Type 4.1, had made. Only trouble is, I ran into no end of trouble getting the thing installed; perhaps this is related to my GoDaddy site hosting. Trying to load the main page (mt.cgi) errors out with a “500 Internal Server Error”, which of course could be anything. The error page suggests checking the server logs, however, after scrubbing around GoDaddy’s site, I have yet to find a place that lets me view the server logs, so I’m kind of at a dead end. Attempting to load the setup wizard directly (which is what mt.cgi would do, had it loaded correctly) results in “Loading template ‘start.tmpl’ failed.” I poked around for a while, trying to figure out what might be going wrong, but got nowhere.
So, anyway, yeah. I’m looking at switching to WordPress but I’m running out of patience, so, screw it.. I’ll stick with Moveable Type 3.2 for now. On a side note, if and when I do switch to WordPress, it’s going to break my RSS feed, so if you notice my feed doesn’t have any updates for a while (shut it, that’s enough out of you) just come back to and get the RSS link again.
On a side note, if anyone can recommend a hosting service that they particularly like, and works well with Linux apps (say, Moveable Type), please let me know!
Music: Soul in the Machine (unsigned, via Myspace Music)

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The blog stirs

Hey all… just an update to say an update is coming, ha ha ha… on a side note I will be in Victoria this Christmas, so if you read this blog and are going to be there too, please get in touch!!!

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No post tonight

Too tired. But, coming soon, I swear. Recent news, in bullet form:

  • Sick all last week
  • Still busy at work
  • Cam’s coming out to Ultimate!
  • Louis and Tori came out to take pictures at Ultimate
  • Not using my Touch much these days, though I expect this to change once cases are available and I can find an FM transmitter for it
  • The whole iPhone bricking issue is very interesting to me, curious what the real reasons are behind Apple’s decision to make sim-unlocked phones useless — there’s a lot of talk out there but not a lot of information
  • Not taking as many pictures as I’d like to lately but still have a batch to post
  • Breaking news, new Ultimate league starting up in late November
  • I am drooling over the upcoming D300

Hmm. Okay. Maybe this qualifies as a post after all. 🙂

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Hello delurkers!

Thanks for posting your comments… keep ’em coming 🙂
The pic below was assembled from vertically-oriented shots roughly aligned in DoubleTake and tweaked by hand. I left the edges in, just to show how much each photo had to be distorted in order to fit together. Clicky for mediumy (if anyone is interested in the big, let me know)…

A request

On a side note, I have a request to all my readers, even those that haven’t ever commented before. Could you, just for a week or so, comment every time you come by, even if it’s the same entry you saw last time? Just so I can get an idea of my readership. Thanks in advance!

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Guest poster, Brian B

I’ve just created an account on this here blog for my long time friend from my Microsoft days, Brian B. Brian is a software developer from Chicago and is highly addicted to … well, anything you can get addicted to. He will be doing guest posts from time to time. Please welcome him!

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Configuration change

Okay, I’ve tweaked the settings on this here blog so your comments will now appear immediately. I’ve never been a fan of the “wait until your comment has been approved” system — it hinders discussion and it’s no fun at all for the commenter (it’s also the default setting for new installs of MoveableType). We’ll see how it works out.. as long as the blogspam doesn’t start getting out of hand I’d like to keep it this way 🙂

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A few more pictures of Victoria

Well, I was going to post more pictures from Victoria, but Blogger’s hosting service appears to be kinda hosed:

If you can’t read that, it says: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.”
*Imagines little robot engineers getting wound up*
“Well,” says you, “why can’t you just put the pictures up the same way you put up the screenshot of the error?” And the truth of it is, I could. But, I’m not in the mood. 🙂
Update: And this is what I saw when I tried to post this entry last night (so it waited until this morning):

“This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate. Status code: 1-500-11. Please visit the Blogger status page or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.”
On the plus side, although waiting to post this ended up logging me out, Blogger was able to re-log me in and save the post anyway. Cool.

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