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  • Sunset 2020-08-28

    Sunset 2020-08-28

  • Hurricane Matthew – aftermath

    In short, here on the West coast of Florida, not a lot happened. Matthew took a turn east while in the Atlantic, so didn’t hit the East coast nearly as hard as was expected. Our friends, who stayed with us that night, live on the Floridian East coast and — without exaggeration — were expecting […]

  • Hurricane Matthew – incoming

    Hurricane Matthew – incoming

    So, in the grand krishenblog tradition of posting about hurricanes, here’s the first one that’s really making an impression on Florida this year*: MATTHEW. So far, skies here are slightly overcast and no rain, but the clouds are definitively moving toward the Gulf. Authorities are mostly worried about storm surge. Sarasota has about a 35% chance […]

  • On Software Packaging & Distribution

    On Software Packaging & Distribution

    So, I’ve moved in with my significant other (yay!), and part of that move is a reconfiguration of my office space. Part of this involves me examining things I’ve been holding onto for a while. Those things? Software packaging. Giant, shelf-space hogging, software packaging. Boxes, just filled with cardboard & plastic, so as to take […]

  • Back with a boom?

    So I’ve been MIA for a little while. I don’t know what to say about that. Facebook ate my posts? Well at the very least I should tell you that I’ve been back to Victoria since we last spoke. It was good. I think Christina liked it too. Sarasota’s been getting more “weather” than usual […]

  • A week after mowing

    A week after mowing

  • New Apt

    So this marks the end of an era. The end of my time at Heron’s Run Apartments. It’s been a swell 7 years! I’ll miss the green landscape, and community pool and hot tub, and my 3rd-floor balcony and view. I won’t miss the pollen. I am off to greener pastures, in the form of […]

  • Camping Hallowe’en 08

    This past weekend Joy and I went on a camping trip to Hillsborough River State Park, about an hour’s drive north of Sarasota. Picked out gear Friday, then it was up to the park on Saturday morning. There we met up with Cam and Melissa and Joe and Owen; Mark, Laurie and the girls; Rob, […]

  • Panos from last week’s Ultimate pickup game

  • Fire Station Open House & Mothy

    Had a great weekend; took a few pictures, too. Click for bigness!