New Apt

So this marks the end of an era. The end of my time at Heron’s Run Apartments. It’s been a swell 7 years! I’ll miss the green landscape, and community pool and hot tub, and my 3rd-floor balcony and view. I won’t miss the pollen.
I am off to greener pastures, in the form of a villa, which as I understand it, is kind of like a condo. But different. In any case, it’s big, is newly renovated, has two floors (stairs!) and a two-car garage. It’s in a nice neighborhood too. Looking forward to sharing it with my sweetie.
Spent the majority of the weekend moving items from my and Joy’s places to the new one. Was looking forward to Ultimate today, but a wall of rain cancelled those plans! Next week I guess.

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay

So the first tropical storm of the season for Sarasota & Bradenton residents is on its way, and it’s got the name “Fay”. First heard about it on the 11pm news Saturday night, and have been tracking its progress since. It’s gone over Cuba already and is now just West and a little North of the Florida Keys, heading due North at about 9 mph, with sustained winds of 60 mph and gusts higher.
Here’s a look at the storm projection, from 11am this morning through 8pm. Note that during that time the storm has gone from hurricane to tropical storm status at the point of landfall (note the little letters in circles… “H” means hurricane-class winds, “S” means tropical storm winds).

Got some neat photos tonight– the clouds were very unusual looking, due to the first bands from the storm starting to make their way through. But they’ll have to wait until tomorrow (sorry) as I forgot my card reader and I’m taking refuge up at Joy’s for the night đŸ™‚
More updates as things develop!
Update, 12:36am:
Alls quiet on the home front. Eerily quiet. Here’s the new storm path prediction.. not much new there.

And here’s a new radar image:

Hmm. Not much different there either… well, just about bed time… we’ll see what the morning brings. In the meantime you can keep up with the latest at the NOAA watch page.
Update, 10:26am:
Things are starting to pick up a little. It’s bright outside but completely overcast, and the trees are getting blown around a bit but nothing too unusual.

Man, that’s one slow-moving storm. Thank goodness the wind speeds are as slow as they are.
Update, 1:21pm:
The skies have darkened a bit and the gusts are stronger, but it’s still nothing too out of the ordinary. Here’s something interesting… the NOAA have an experimental podcast now. Noon audio report on Fay.
Here’s the latest tracker projection and radar image. As you can see in the projection, it’s looking like Fay is going to continue to head in an eastern direction.

Update, 5:15pm:
It’s windy and overcast, but amazingly, no rain has dropped! Heh. Looks like we made it through this one largely unscathed… yay. One interesting thing about this particular storm is that it strengthened over land, which is rare… they usually either stay the same or diminish. ABC Action News has a slideshow of Fay pictures.

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Tens of thousands still in dark after massive B.C. storm

From the CBC:

Winds that peaked at 157 kilometres an hour knocked out power to a widespread area, including Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria were the hardest-hit communities.

Some perspective: that’s stronger than anything Sarasota has experienced in the past four years, despite a half-dozen hurricanes touching down in the state.
And a note from Mom:

…. the snow is all gone now, but we had another windstorm last night, with gusts up to 90-100 km, the xmas lights in the inner harbour were taken down the first time ever because of it, and people were advised to bring in their patio furniture and garbage cans, which I put in the van…good thing; I see a few garbage cans lying around all over the place..for next week it looks like rain, so back to normal I hope đŸ™‚

Hopefully the house is safe.. we have a couple trees close by.

On Columbus, Hurricane Wilma, Pumpkin Carving, 2005 UPA Club Championships

Well… so much has happened in the last week or so it’s all kind of piled up on top of each other.
Two Saturdays ago I went to the beach and dinner with Cam’s family; Sunday I spent with Hugo and PatrĂ­cia; Monday Hurricane Wilma did its thing (thankfully not here, though I should note some people not too far South of here lost power); Tuesday-Thursdayish I was blogless as was getting maintenance; Friday I was volunteering at the 2005 UPA Club Championships (to determine the best Ultimate Frisbee team in the United States and Canada); Friday night I spent at a pumpkin-carving party at Mankow’s in St. Pete; Saturday I volunteered 8am-7:00pm at the Club Championships again; Saturday night I spent at Darren’s with Cam, PatrĂ­cia and Melissa watching hockey (Leafs-Senators and Canucks-Avalanche); Sunday I was back out at the UPA Club Championships, this time arriving at the fields at 7:30 because the time change caught me off guard; I stayed until 7pm and headed over to Cam and Melissa’s with Nkosi and PatrĂ­cia for another pumpkin carving; I brought my already-carved pumpkin along for a little cleanup (Cam has pics up). Finally, last night I had PatrĂ­cia and Nkosi over for some Hallowe’en Buffy; we watched Fear, Itself and Hush, and threw in Doomed too. Oh, I miss those characters. (D’oh. The not-yet-released 7-season box set just went up $40 to $169.99. Watch, I’ll probably buy it anyway đŸ™‚
And that brings you up-to-date. Hil and Bri are coming down to visit in 9 days — we’re planning on hitting the Keys — that is, if there is anything to hit. Research begins today.

Hurricane Wilma

A quick update on the whole Hurricane Wilma thing. Well, I made it home safely from Columbus, Ohio Friday night. Saturday was a lot of unpacking and food buying. Cam and Melissa invited me over for dinner, where I got to see Cam’s mom and grandma, which was cool — with Joe that made four generations in the same room, not something you see every day. After dinner we hit the hot tub, and I was going to call it a night, but Nkosi called and I ended up hitting a bar down on Siesta Key, Gilligans. Met up with Louis and his friend from LA, Andre, as well as Eric the Yellow Cab driver. It was Goodtimes, but I think I’ve got a little hearing loss (hopefully temporary). Note to self: bring earplugs next time. Soundtrack to and from the bar? Davin (or is it AFK? Or is it ariz0na?)’s new mix on Pacific Front Sessions — an excellent breaks set, which you can download here. After getting home, chatted with Mavis for a bit over MSN and finally hit the hay around 4.
Went for lunch today with Patricia and Hugo at the Philippi Creek Oyster Bar, which was good. I got the blackened Grouper sandwich with fries and a drink, tasty stuff. Afterwards we hit Starbucks, which was closing at 3pm, to re-open at 1pm the next day. Hugo had Patricia and I over for dinner (which was great), and we passed the time away looking at his pictures from China and Japan, and watching the Blue Collar Comedy tour (among other things). Of course we also flipped it to the local channels now and again to try and figure out what was going on with this storm, because apart from a little rain and the occasional gust, it sure wasn’t showing itself. But that’s all about to change. Earlier today we were told to expect winds tonight of up to 40mph; it’s been nowhere near that. But the real winds are supposed to come overnight, where’d they’re supposed to reach up to 60; if true, those will be the strongest winds to hit this area yet. I left Hugo’s around midnight; I walked around the parking lot outside my apartment trying to locate a spot which would minimize the chances of getting hit by a fallen tree branch; unfortunately I think everyone’s had the same idea and there really weren’t any good ones left. That’s okay: I think the Altima will be just fine where it is.
As far as work goes, the building will be closed until 1pm, after which we are expected to go back to work. That’s fine, because according the SNN (one of the local news channels) winds are expected to be highest around 9am, all the way up to noon, after which they drop off sharply. Will keep you updated as things progress, but basically, so far, all’s well.

The Perils of Hurricane Preparedness

See how the cupboard doors don’t line up in that second shot? And how the fan isn’t directly attached underneath? The irony here is I bought that water as part of my hurricane preparation — and it’s what wreaking havoc on my apartment.
Maintenance says they’ll be back to look at it in a couple days when it’s dried out.
PS – yes, I had server outage yesterday.

Jeanne: The Aftermath

Hurricane Jeanne was, at times exciting, at times terrifying. Living where we do, Cam, Melissa and I only caught the edge of it, and the winds only got up to about 45 mph sustained, with 60 mph gusts. Still, it was nothing to sneeze at… unless you’re the type to notice an increased pollen count. Jeanne was the biggest storm to come through Sarasota in recent collective memory. Click on the pool to view the damage in and around our apartment complex. Cam’s also got some good pictures and a writeup posted.
Also: I took a short video clip from my balcony, around noon yesterday. It’s about 14mb, and shows the storm, doing, well… stormy things. Wind gusting, rain pelting, trees bending, etc. đŸ™‚