Tag: Money

  • April 21st, AKA “The day after the day after the day after Adobe purchased Macromedia”

    So, I raced downtown tonight straight after leaving work (~7:45pm), with the intent of capturing some of the surrounding area while the light was still horizontal. Now I know where the G.WIZ Science Center is! Unfortunately, I don’t think many of the shots came out, though I don’t know for sure, because they’re still on…

  • Wahoo!!! Taxy schtuff

    I got my 2001 US income tax refund back in the mail today! Yay! It’s nice to get a bit of closure on that one. Let’s just say it’ll come in handy when the “dust settles” on my 2001 Canadian income tax return and I know how much I actually owe. In other taxy news,…

  • Onward

    You know that saying that starts off “There are only two things certain in life…”? Well, tomorrow, I’m going to find out about that second thing. Even though it might be bad news, I’m happy to finally start address the issue. I’ve been putting it off for months.