2013 Sarasota Chalk Festival

Interview with Sarasota-based electronic music producer Joe Seul aka RaeF

Very cool.  Via This Week in Sarasota.

Pollo con molé at Mi Pueblo on Bee Ridge

Oh so yummy!


Trip to Dakin

IMG 4693
Had a good trip out to Dakin Dairy Farm with Joy a couple weeks ago; my first. Stinky fun! Nice to get a tour of a local producer. Evidently dairy farmers are a dying breed. Sampled then bought some of their chocolate milk. Soon they’ll be producing their own cheese.

Obama voted President-Elect

In case you hadn’t heard.

Sarasota got a campaign stop less than a week prior to the election.

Fire Station Open House & Mothy

Had a great weekend; took a few pictures, too. Click for bigness!

Car broken into

Today sucked.
My car got broken into sometime last night, along with 4 others from the complex. Nothing was stolen (that I’ve found yet, anyway); a police report was filed; prints were taken. Just the right-passenger side window damaged. Called my insurance, but since I didn’t have comprehensive vehicle damage coverage, it’ll be all out of pocket. That’s okay; the deductible would have probably been more than the repair bill anyway (got a quote at $195).
I left a message with the apartment complex shortly after I discovered it around 8:30 this morning; so far they have not returned my call.

Heat: on

My blood has definitely thinned. It’s 66 (=19 C) out and I turned the heat on. First time since…. February? The air in my apartment has the scent of burnt dust. Mmm. The humidity feels like it’s pretty much absent, though weather.com tells me it’s 55%. The past few days have been gorgeous, with the temperatures hovering around the mid 70s at mid-day, low humidity. Feels like Victoria in the summer. Perfect. Can it be like this all year please?

The last two weeks, in pictures*

* when not at work 🙂
[picture: IMG_8841.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8850.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8854.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8887.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8900.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8907.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8927.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8932.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8941.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8985.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9000.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9003.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9009.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9038.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9053.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9057.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9071.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9081.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9085.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9095.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9108.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9117.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9124.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9133.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9145.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9235.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9277.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9290.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9305.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9307.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9311.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9315.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9321.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9322.jpg]

[picture: IMG_9331.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9333.jpg]
[picture: IMG_9334.jpg]

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