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Booting into Mac OS X
Work was good today, even though I found out late in the afternoon that what I thought was a solution to a programming problem I’ve been having for the past two days is actually not, and now I have just tomorrow to figure it all out. Crapola.
Ultimate: Normally people arrive at 6:30 and warm up until 7. I got there at 6:45pm, just after twilight. The first thing I noticed was that the lights were off. The organizer — Wayne — and about 10 other people were standing around in the parking lot, huddled in a circle. I walked up.
Me to group: “So, are we going to play or are we going for beer?”
Wayne: “We’re gonna see if the lights come on at 7.”
I had always assumed Wayne had a key or something to turn the lights on and off. Guess not.

Me to group, pointing at a small patch of grass lit by sulfur lights: “Well, who’s going to throw the disc around with me over there until then?”
Group: collective shivering.
Me, frisbee in hand: “Okay then, I’m going over there.”
Wind: blows!
A few people broke away from the group to play catch. I figured it was a good way to stay warm, at the very least.
The disc wasn’t exactly what I’d call easy-on-the-fingers; with the cold weather, the plastic felt extra hard. A few people from the non-throwing group got in their cars at 5 minutes to 7; as they were getting into their car, one called out: “Call me if the lights go on, Wayne!”
We played catch another 6 minutes, and called that that. Oh well! I’m going to try to go for a run tonight to make up for the lost exercise. We’re supposed to have sub-freezing temperatures tomorrow.

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Icebergia, FL

What’s the deal with the weather here? Right now, at 8 in the morning, it’s 13 out. It was about 12 celcius all yesterday. What am I supposed to do, wear more than a t-shirt? Two days ago, it was in the mid-twenties at this time of the morning.
On the plus side, at least this means I get to wear my Gaia fleece that I bought from the Seattle ultimate league last summer! Cool.
This weekend I’m going up to Gainesville again, except this time it will be for ultimate, not football. I’m taking part in a hat tournament that’s going on there. A hat tournament is a tournament, where teams are determined at the start of the tournament by randomly drawing player’s names out of a hat. Since you really have no idea who you’re going to be playing with before you start, it can only end up being fun. And of course, after any ultimate tournament, there’s a party, so I’ll be staying in a hotel on Saturday night. 🙂

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