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  • Saturn, Mars and Jupiter “beside” one another

    Saturn, Mars and Jupiter “beside” one another

  • Super Size Me

    It only took 7 years but I finally saw Super Size Me. The central question asked by the film: If McDonald’s truly has no share of the blame in the obesity epidemic, then what happens if you eat only their food for a month? Morgan Spurlock takes on a task that everyone expects won’t have […]

  • Hello delurkers!

    Thanks for posting your comments… keep ’em coming 🙂 The pic below was assembled from vertically-oriented shots roughly aligned in DoubleTake and tweaked by hand. I left the edges in, just to show how much each photo had to be distorted in order to fit together. Clicky for mediumy (if anyone is interested in the […]

  • Mavis, Busch Gardens, Timeshares, Epcot, Islands of Adventure, Downtown Disney

    So. Indeed, Busch Gardens was packed. We did a bunch of coasters — heading to the almighty Sheikra first, and then around the park to the rest. This time I had the good sense to skip the Gwazi, which has rattled my brain pretty much every time I’ve taken it. Be sure to check out […]

  • Downtown waterfront, sunset

    So I guess those photos I took Wednesday night turned out after all: About 3 minutes to sunset. I’m pretty sure this guy was no longer living. So sad. Foot provided for scale. I sat on this ledge to take the sunset shot. Not sure if it’s always like this, but I found the amount […]

  • Not tonight/String Theory

    Well, I guess at this point my picture gallery from the weekend isn’t going to happen tonight. That said, I do have an update: I’ve narrowed it down to the best 177 of 323 shots taken on the weekend. All that’s left now is to captionize ’em. At 8pm tonight I was desperately flipping channels […]