On the World Cup and Cirrhosis

A few observations on soccer, since this is the first time I’ve sat down and seriously looked at it. Of the five World Cup games I’ve seen so far, Croatia vs. Brazil tonight was easily the most exciting (and, strangely, the lowest scoring, Brazil with the only point):
(a) I’m amazed by how quickly the ball can change directions at high speed. Makes for some amazing ping-pong type action.
(b) Some of the footwork in the 1-on-1 confrontations is fantastic — fakes all over the place. Makes me want to work on my fakes for Ultimate.
(c) There are some real actors on the field. Watch out Matt Damon!
Also, fine krishenblog-readers-who-are-at-risk-for-cirrhosis (which as you know is the scarring of the liver tissues so as to make them non-functional through exccessive alcohol consumption) — by my estimates that’s about 99% of you — guess what? If you drink a lot of coffee, your chances of getting cirrhosis go way down. I heard it on TV tonight, right after a story about an Indian artist who likes to carve trees and roots into religious symbology, so it must be true. Oh, looks like Forbes has an article, too. Note, tea won’t cut it. See also Medical News Today and CanWest News Service.

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