Tag: The Altima

  • Car broken into

    Today sucked. My car got broken into sometime last night, along with 4 others from the complex. Nothing was stolen (that I’ve found yet, anyway); a police report was filed; prints were taken. Just the right-passenger side window damaged. Called my insurance, but since I didn’t have comprehensive vehicle damage coverage, it’ll be all out…

  • Bad Muffler

    Okay… so it may not be as holy as, say, Jeff’s post about Dogma. How about holey? Click for bigness. Needless to say I’ll be taking them up on it.

  • Unlicensed

    I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this. Within the last month, somehow I misplaced my BC driver’s license. Which I need, because my Florida one expired last Monday. And I can’t get a new Florida one until my visa is renewed. Which is being processed, and which, according to the INS, could take…