Tag: The Altima

  • Car broken into

    Today sucked. My car got broken into sometime last night, along with 4 others from the complex. Nothing was stolen (that I’ve found yet, anyway); a police report was filed; prints were taken. Just the right-passenger side window damaged. Called my insurance, but since I didn’t have comprehensive vehicle damage coverage, it’ll be all out […]

  • Bad Muffler

    Okay… so it may not be as holy as, say, Jeff’s post about Dogma. How about holey? Click for bigness. Needless to say I’ll be taking them up on it.

  • Unlicensed

    I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this. Within the last month, somehow I misplaced my BC driver’s license. Which I need, because my Florida one expired last Monday. And I can’t get a new Florida one until my visa is renewed. Which is being processed, and which, according to the INS, could take […]

  • Fixin the Altima

    Typically, the pictures posted on my blog are recent: you’ll see them up here within a day or two from when they were taken. However, I haven’t gone photohunting lately, so today’s image comes to you from all the way back to mid-May. Mom and Dad did the “Which Movie do You Belong In” test […]

  • Dad, Dream, Car and Book

    Sunday, when Eric came over to pick me up, he pointed to a picture and asked if the man in it was my Dad. “How’d you know?!” was my answer. I’d never really thought I looked much like Dad, but apparently I do. Cool! Had a dream this morning. That in itself is odd enough. […]

  • Taking the Altima In

    8:23am. So I called up Gettel Nissan, and I’m taking my car in to get inspected early tomorrow morning. The guy I spoke to was named George; he sounds like a nice guy. Update, 10:46am: Spoke to Simon about the engine malfunction light. I told him the manual said that it could be because of […]

  • Is the Altima in trouble?

    So last night what looks like a “Check Engine” light came on on the Altima‘s dash. I just called up the closest Nissan dealer, Gettel. Unfortunately they’re closed till Monday! d’Oh. I guess I’ll be calling back then. For the time being, the manual goes on to recommend that I don’t exceed speeds of 72km/hr, […]

  • Car back from garage

    So when I dropped the car off, I asked them to call me about the sound coming from the engine before they proceed with any other work, since if it costs too much I don’t really want to get anything else done. Well, anything else except for that “outer c/v boot” problem I mentioned this […]

  • Taking the car into the shop today

    So I’m taking the Altima into the shop this morning. Swift Auto, to be precise — the same folks who looked over my car before I decided to purchase it. Simon’s going to drive me back. I’m going to get them to call me with an estimate before they do any work on the “timing […]