Too Tired to Think

downtown public artwork in sarasota, part 1
So, after a long hiatus, I am back!
The last few days have been super busy; last night Cam and I hung out at the pad and watched 10 things I hate about you (a teen comedy remake of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”). It was surprisingly funny, even the second time around. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something fun to watch.
In other news, at work Alex finally got his cube built today!! He’s only been waiting three weeks, ha. I had to wait five to get a fourth wall put on mine, so it’s not that bad.
Tomorrow is Simon’s last day; packing, schmacking — there’s a corporate directive to get him smashed after work.
In the last couple of days at work I’ve been on the tangent of philosophical design discussions. I would have loved to have been full-on involved in them, but alas other tasks of higher priority reared their ugly heads so I was only able to justify being fully distracted by the conversations. These things can get really tiring, though, so perhaps it’s for the best. Good thing folks around my office brew that black caffeinated stuff all the way up to three pm. Heh.
Went to play my favorite sport after work tonight! Cam didn’t come with me, as he had a few things to take care of at home. Tonight was particularly cool because we had a group of about five 13-year-olds join us by surprise. Each of us took turns explaining bits and pieces of philosophy and technical expertise with the kids, including teaching the flick and the “running to a space” talk. They had totally mad skillz for kids of their age — certainly almost the equal of some of the regulars. One kid was talking smack the whole time, too! Quite possibly one of the funniest moments tonight was when one of the players on my team loudly announced that his electrolytes were way out of balance. The kid said, and I quote: “Why don’t you drink some of your dumb juice?”
Afterwards Eric G and I headed down to the Paddywagon, a tiny little local Irish brewpub where one of the Ultimate players work. First thing I notice? Two separate hockey games playing on TV! Guess where the owner of the bar, Johnny, is from? You guessed it, Fernie! Pretty nuts. A few moments later, and I notice the hockey pucks on the shelves behind the bar, the Maple Leafs poster on the ceiling, Labatt’s on tap and a Telus ad on the tube. Heh. Suddenly I felt pretty at home. So at home that I bought a t-shirt from the place. It’s totally one-of-a-kind. They’re doing this big-ol bash on Monday (St. Patty’s), and they got these shirts made up just for the occassion. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll take a picture of me in it tomorrow. 😉 I’m hoping to convince folks from work to go there for Simon’s going-away debauchery.
downtown public artwork in sarasota, part 2