TS Isaac & Trinidad

Had a brief chat today with my cousin Adi, who lives in Trinidad (small island nation just off the northeast coast of Venezuela). TS Isaac caused flooding and mudslides there, especially to the west of the country’s capital, Port of Spain.

Trinidad Express:

Moore, along with hundreds of stranded commuters, had to wait for several hours as maxi-taxis and buses stopped working.

When the Express questioned the customer service representatives about the cancellation of service, we were told with the shrug of a shoulder that “buses don’t float”.

Adi passed along a few images from the local papers (credit to Express and/or Guardian):


2 responses to “TS Isaac & Trinidad”

  1. That looks horrible!!! I hope it won’t get like that where we are!

  2. Yeah it looks pretty rough eh? Right now it’s looking like it’s headed for New Orleans… hoping nothing bad happens to them. Looks like you should be good to fly tomorrow!

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