Ultimate Pictures & iPhoto 2

So I promised you guys some pictures from Ultimate, and they’re ready for you! Be forewarned, this is one largeass JPEG — click at your own risk!
Wow, whatta day! Work was, um, a little less hectic than normal. We were focusing on getting the product we’ve been working on for the last 6 months out the door this week. My main job for the past few days was to create the upgrade CD — but a core piece of documentation that needs to go on the CD has been being reviewed for the past few days, so I’ve been pretty much blocked. So I’ve been tasking myself with things I think would be useful. Not very stressful, and as a bonus, it means there’s absolutely no pressure to leave late (though I almost did today by sheer force of habit). Today was a whopping 7 hours and 50 minutes, and I was home by 5:30. Beautiful.
In other news, today Apple released iPhoto 2 today. Why is this noteworthy? Well, I’ve used the previous version with my Powershot G3 since December, and it’s worked pretty well. This new version brings in a bunch of new stuff, like the ability to archive selected photos to CD, some pretty nice re-touching tools, expanded support for emailing photos, and a whack of other good stuff. And it’s free. No cashola. All I do is go to Software Update, and click “Update Now”. Pretty slick. Thought I’d provide you folks with some screenshots you just won’t see anywhere else. 😉 These only appear the first time you run iPhoto2:

Just an “OK” button? What if I disagree?

Ah, the price of progress.

Took about 2 minutes for the whole process; I’ve got 523 photos in my library.

Okay, I admit, it’s possible to see this one again easily enough. But come on! This shot is mandatory!

Ultimate time

So I had another good day at work today!! That’s two in a row! Left work at 5:20, and ultimate under the lights is in just 23 minutes! Time to get a move on! I’ll be taking my Powershot G3 with me, I’ll try to get a few good pictures for you guys. 🙂

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Choose something

So as I was driving home today, the car in front of me had an oval sticker on it’s rear window that said “Jeb!”. I’m pretty sure this is a show of support for Jeb Bush, the republican governor here in Florida. At least I think he’s the governor. He’s involved in Florida politics anyway.
Now here’s the part I’m curious about. This car also had a “Choose Life” license plate. Where did the association between conservative politics and anti-abortion come from? Anyone know?

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MacMinute just posted about a new spam-fighting tool called GoodbyeSpam.
According to their FAQ, here’s how it works:

GoodbyeSpam’s approach is simple, yet ingenious: Upon receiving a message from a Sender or Domain not previously Approved or Blocked by you, it quarantines the message and sends an email to the Sender. If you subscribe to GoodbyeSpam’s Home version (or Professional version with the Security Level set to Normal) the email simply asks them to click on a link. When they do, their message is released from quarantine and they are added to your Approved list so that future messages go right through.
While simply clicking on a link is easy for a real person, it’s not for a spammer. Since spammers frequently use invalid return addresses, they never receive GoodbyeSpam’s email. And, the spammers who do receive them have no automated way to respond. They must open and deal with each individual verification requests, which defeats their purpose for spamming in the first place!

Sounds like a pretty good idea — it’s like a “safe-list” (a la Hotmail), except the management is automated. Cool! Don’t think I’ll sign up just yet, though — .Mac‘s built-in junk-filtering, combined with the Jaguar version of Mail has been a killer anti-spam combo so far.

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loco, pazzo, fou, irres

Wow — so today wasn’t as great as I had hoped, but it was still pretty fricking good. I was blocked on my main task most of the day at work, so I was making up productive things to do — not terribly stressful! 🙂 As a side benefit, I went home at super early, 5:50pm! Considering I got in at 8:40 this morning, that’s pretty good! 🙂
Got home to a total surprise — my door was just painted!

You might recall it used to look like this. I’m lucky I didn’t brush it on the way in — that sucker was wet.
Stay tuned! Now that I’ve covered paint drying…
In more exciting news, my good friend Cam is flying down to Sarasota next week for an interview at my company! One thing about this rosy little situation is more than a little disturbing, though. He opted to stay at my place!
That pretty much guarantees he’s not going to get the job. What kind of crazy fool would rather stay at my place than at a hotel?

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That is all

Pizza for breakfast! Pizza for breakfast! Today’s gonna be a good day.

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Come over, I’ll make it for you

I’ve got a lot of stuff to back up… 😉
Tuesday was great! Got up late, didn’t shave, spent most of the day working on documentation. Met my new administrative assistant! She seems very nice. Went out for lunch, stopped by Sam’s Club (sorta like this place) and picked up a few cd-r’s.
Today I was supposed to deliver a final product, but some of the people I depended on weren’t ready, so the product will have to go out tomorrow instead. Left work at 5:30! It was still light out!! Will wonders never cease?
Went food shopping, hooray! Walked in my front door, was greeted by my assembled (but not yet run) vacuum cleaner. Cleanliness awaits. Tomorrow.
Found out Apple released new PowerMacs and a brand new Cinema Display. Looking good!
Listened to Ben spin via Shoutcast and watched via his dual-webcam-XP setup. Pretty slick.
Made pizza for dinner. Mmmmmmm. Speaking of which, I’ve still got to put the rest of it away. Damn, I wanted to hit the hay after posting this.
Helped Mavis with her Java assignment, too, but she ended up figuring it all out on her own anyway. And learned a secret recipe too.

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Just Another Manic…

This shot was taken at my family reunion on boxing day. Okay, okay. So it’s a little out of season. Big deal. It’s still cold out, right? See anyone you recognize? Click for a larger image.
Today was a long fcuking day (8:40-7:49, 1 hour break for lunch). But it was good. Made a lot of progress toward getting our release out the door.
Spent nearly the entire thing checking in last-minute changes to our change-repository system CVS. It’s a joy to use once you get the hang of it. It provides a great sense of security. With CVS, if you mess something up, you can always roll back to a previous — working — copy of a file. And CVS works with any kind of file, too — not just source code. We’ve got graphics and sound files checked into our CVS server too. While CVS is all that and a bag of chips, it’s just one more Good Thing that I need to remember to think about when I’m putting together a release of our software.
Probably the biggest pain in the arse is when people come up to you at the last minute, after you’ve just finished creating an installer, and tell you they need to change just one file. Or add a couple of files. And said person hasn’t checked said files into CVS. In fact, they don’t even use CVS — meaning I have to go through the process of checking the files in for them. And then, of course, that means their changes are associated with my name. The changes also mean the whole product needs to be rebuilt, and then, once it’s rebuilt, an whole new installer needs to be re-created.
Or, instead of a last-minute addition, maybe the biggest pain in the backside is when someone runs into a bug — but instead of entering it into Bugzilla, our bug tracking system, they walk over to me and tell me about the bug in person. That’s good, but if the bug was in Bugzilla too, then I could look at it later, come back, and mark it off as “done” or “postponed” or whatever, rather than trying the infinitely harder task of deciphering a pile quickly scribbled post-its.
This whole system could be very efficient. But it’s not. Yet.
Update: I ended up leaving work at 9:11! These long days have got to stop. I was there until 8:40pm on Friday, too. Too tired to shop for food and cook, so I got a footlong sweet onion chicken teryiaki on wheat from Subway instead.

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So last night was Superbowl Sunday. I didn’t watch the game. What can I say? I don’t have a TV, and I don’t really like the game all that much. If someone had called me up to go watch it, that might have been another story. I figured out that Tampa won when I heard fireworks going off around 10pm.
Nah, instead I got some laundry done, assembled my vacuum cleaner, watched a movie, and chatted with a few folks over irc and instant messenger. I’m beginning to think it’s not healthy to spend so much time in front of this computer. It sucks up my time, much like a TV might. I’ve got to get out and spend time with people that are here.
Julie wrote a bit the other day about the ratio of time she was spending in the past/present/future. I’ve thought about that idea over the past little bit. I’m something like 25% past, 70% present and 5% future. If that. I need to develop a plan that’s longer-term than “what am I going to eat for dinner tonight?”. Sometimes I don’t even get that far. I’ve got some big questions that need answering.

¿ la folie… pas du tout

So there’s a film festival going on here that started on Friday night; it’s in its fourth year of existence. It’s fighting a reputation for being just a big posh gathering that focuses more on bumping elbows with celebrities and rich art-snobs than good film.
That being said, last night I went to see ¿ la folie… pas du tout (“He loves me, He loves me not”), and it was great. It’s an exploration of subjective storytelling. I’m not at all that good at summarizing plots — imdb is good for that sort of thing — but suffice it to say it was a fun movie and I enjoyed it a lot. Go see it if you get the chance!

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