“…bore remarkable similarities to the “Code Red” virus…”

Notice anything strange on the interweb recently? Unable to reach one of your favorite sites? The Associated Press reports on an internet attack which began early this morning:

The virus-like attack, which began about 12:30 a.m. EST, sought out vulnerable computers on the Internet to infect using a known flaw in popular database software from Microsoft Corp., called “SQL Server 2000.” But the attacking software was scanning for victim computers so randomly and so aggressively — sending out thousands of probes a second — that it saturated many Internet data pipelines.

Slashdot also has a more technical post about the worm:

Since about midnight EST almost every host on the internet has been receiving a 376 byte UDP payload on port ms-sql-m (1434) from a random infected server… …This is the cause of major connectivity problems being experienced worldwide.

You can also view graphs of the outage, updated on the hour.
Krishen’s Spin:
I’m happy I can still reach my blog! 🙂

Chill out

Booting into Mac OS X
Work was good today, even though I found out late in the afternoon that what I thought was a solution to a programming problem I’ve been having for the past two days is actually not, and now I have just tomorrow to figure it all out. Crapola.
Ultimate: Normally people arrive at 6:30 and warm up until 7. I got there at 6:45pm, just after twilight. The first thing I noticed was that the lights were off. The organizer — Wayne — and about 10 other people were standing around in the parking lot, huddled in a circle. I walked up.
Me to group: “So, are we going to play or are we going for beer?”
Wayne: “We’re gonna see if the lights come on at 7.”
I had always assumed Wayne had a key or something to turn the lights on and off. Guess not.

Me to group, pointing at a small patch of grass lit by sulfur lights: “Well, who’s going to throw the disc around with me over there until then?”
Group: collective shivering.
Me, frisbee in hand: “Okay then, I’m going over there.”
Wind: blows!
A few people broke away from the group to play catch. I figured it was a good way to stay warm, at the very least.
The disc wasn’t exactly what I’d call easy-on-the-fingers; with the cold weather, the plastic felt extra hard. A few people from the non-throwing group got in their cars at 5 minutes to 7; as they were getting into their car, one called out: “Call me if the lights go on, Wayne!”
We played catch another 6 minutes, and called that that. Oh well! I’m going to try to go for a run tonight to make up for the lost exercise. We’re supposed to have sub-freezing temperatures tomorrow.

Chili con Vacuum

I bought a vacuum cleaner tonight! Finally!
I won’t have time to set it up until tomorrow evening — no wait, that’s ultimate — maybe Saturday, but the important thing here is that I have a vacuum! And it was cheap, too — $79 dirt devil. Aw yeah. Folks at work keep going on about their vacuum cleaners, how they have Hepa filters on them, etc. Screw that. I have rather modest vacuuming needs. As long as it sucks, I’m happy. Besides, this one’s bagless. That’s cool enough by itself.
Tonight I decided to try something a little different. Apologies if you haven’t eaten yet. 😉


Gonna Run to You

Wow — so this is going to be quick cause I should be in bed…
Got up at 6 and went for a run this …er, yesterday morning! 18 minutes running, 6 minutes walking. The moon was out in full force, and the 7 lane road beside me had cars whizzing past every so often. Also, it was Brrrrrr! cold — there’s a big fogbank about halfway through the run.
Why did I go for a run?
Cause I need to get in shape badly! After playing Ultimate last Thursday night, I was so dead tired I couldn’t get up on time on Saturday to drive up to Tampa for the Janus ultimate tournament. I was going to try and weasel my way onto a team that needed a player still. Ah well, there’ll be others, right?
A note about the picture in this entry — anyone tell me where they’ve seen those peppers before? 🙂

Homestarrunner.com down!

Homestarrunner.com — home of Strongbad — is down! It’s funny, I found out because someone posted a comment today on my blog, under a very not-current entry from October 7th.
She musta come from Google. Turns out I’m the first hit on the second page if you search for “strong bad email”. I had no idea!
My guess is that they’re changing machines. I think Strongbad has grown too huge for that puny box they had him in! That, or *cue dramatic music* Strongsad finally did him in.
Update, 8:50pm: Two more people have posted comments on that October 7th entry! One was so kind as to post a link to the new email, but as of this writing, the link was still redirecting to a Yahoo Website Services 404 page (for me, anyway).
Update: the next day, 6:20pm: Well, homestarrunner.com is *still* down! However, it would appear the owner of homestarrunner.net — a different person than the owner of homestarrunner.com — seems to be in-the-dark about what’s going on, but is offering to help out. Check it out.
Update: the next-next day, 12:30am: Homestarrunner.net has been updated. Okay, so everyone who’s watched the intro movie knows homestarrunner.net isn’t the real deal — “It’s Dot Com!” — but they’ve been kind enough to mirror the latest email! It’s a good one, too.
Update: the next-next day, 12:01pm: It’s back up!!!

Rock the Resistance

New favorite song: “Rock – ‘Resistance (tonemeister breakbeat mix)’ (Inverus)/Jay Burnett – ‘Rock the resistance (trackapella)’ (CDR)”. Ashley Casselle played them both in sequence in his Essential Mix last week (thanks Scott!). Now I can’t get them out of my head!
Update, 12:51pm:
Found this page, which gives an audio clip of the track (choose the tonemeister breakbeat edit). This mix is the instrumental that leads into the version that’s stuck in my head — Jay Burnett’s “trackapella” mix. I guess saying it’s from CD-R means the mix is totally unreleased. Any of you DJ types out there confirm?
Anyhoo pick up a copy of Ashley Casselle’s 2003-01-12 Essential Mix from your local filesharing service. It’s very good!

A little effort, please

I just read an article by Globe and Mail dot com writer Matthew Ingram that really bothered me. It’s about Macworld Expo; I’ve written several entries on this topic during this past three weeks.
I don’t like it on a number of levels, but what really raised my ire was this gem in the first paragraph:

“It’s probably safe to say, however, that the news at Macworld this year was even more disappointing than usual”

I find this incredible. Is he talking about the same Macworld Expo?
Here’s some alternative opinions:

  • *snip*

Well, I was going to link to a few articles at the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Wired Magazine to give different perspectives on the show — but I just stumbled across an article by Tom Yager over at Infoworld.com that says EXACTLY what I want to say.
Update, 9:37pm: I think the only way our writer could have found the Expo disappointing was if the sum-total of his research involved reading rumor sites. If you’re going to be an “analyst” for a national paper, honestly, I expect more. Here’s a few articles he couldn’t have read.
  • The New York Times — David Pogue squeezes an excellent overview of the Macworld Expo keynote into 1300 words.
  • Wired News — Wired’s Leander Kahney describes the mood of conference go-ers.
  • ComputerUser — James Mathewson gives a good hard look at why the show was anything but a disappointment.

Still not convinced? Watch the keynote; I’m sure it’s more than Mr. Ingram did.