35mm excitement

I’m excited. I’m finally getting three 35mm disposable cameras developed. Two are from last year’s WMC; the other is from further back, when I had my front bumper removed by that carwash, two or so years ago. In order to get the bumper-camera developed, I had to burn through about 20 shots, which I did this morning. Simultaneously with the shots I took this morning, I also shot digital with my Powershot G3 from roughly the same spot, the idea being to compare colour, depth of field, field of view, grain and exposure. Kind of scientific-like. I can’t wait to see the results. Of course, there are some variables I can’t control for, like the photoprocessor (in this case, Walgreens), but I’m getting the negatives, so I can always take them to another store to see how they turn out. I’m getting them developed to CD, so hopefullly I’ll have something interesting to share here soon 🙂

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