9 thoughts on “A few photos”

  1. Hmmm…the shaving one is kinda depressing…unless it’s actually just after a pie eating contest :). I guess it’s the lighting. The apartment one though has the inspirational thing going for it. Unless your going to work…in which case it’s depressing too.

  2. Heh, sadly no pie eating contest. Yeah, the yellow cast is quite heavy. It’s a combination of my camera (which oversaturates yellow) and the lighting. Here’s a corrected version. Hmm… that just makes my eyes look bloodshot. 🙂
    Glad you found that last one inspirational, so do I. That’s what it looks like every morning around 7:15.

  3. Hey Krishen,
    The car guy in me has got to ask what the second photo is of? The angle it was taken at suggests the rear wheels are not under the car/truck. It also looks like a radio-controlled model. If I’m right about the model part, do I win a prize? 😉

  4. haha…there is no room for uncertainty here, Marc — a quick google search reveals that it, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is a model.
    ’nuff said.
    Although I wonder what the prize will be?

  5. Marc: No, there’s no prize. Come on, you think I’m made of prizes or something? 🙂
    Neil: see above
    Jeff: Yep… At first I was skeptical about whether they’d be fun, but seeing them in action won me over. 😀

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