As I speak there are 50 shots remaining to be downloaded from the over 430 I took on my trip. I spent a large portion of tonight trying to clear enough room for them on my HD.
I’ve been trying to get my vacation story written up, but time seems to be evading me. Yesterday I was sick the whole day, today I left work at 7pm and left my house pretty much immediately after I got there for a wonderful dinner at Cam and Melissa’s. Soon though. For now, it’s off to dreamland.
Cat allergies suck
My mattress has the dander
So I’m on the couch
And a contribution from my friend Aran:
Krishen is awake
He really should be in bed
Sleeping and Dreaming


  1. floaty, near invisible strands of fur(?)
    they give krishen the sniffoos

  2. According to this, allergy sufferers tend to have a harder time during the winter (though here in Florida the winter months tend to be the only time the house *is* open… the rest of the year the a/c is on).
    For other cat allergy sufferers out there… this article has some helpful tips on reducing the effects of pet allergens within your home.

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