AppStore review: “ – Dictionary and Thesaurus”

I downloaded’s Dictionary application from the iTunes App Store last night, and it’s awesome.
Here’s their description, which pretty much says it all:

The app delivers world-class reference content from and including more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms. No Internet connection is needed. The app also features audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words and’s popular Word of the Day that is enjoyed by more than a million users.

I am now enjoying the full power of the English language at my fingertips 🙂 Word of the Day is cool, and the pronunciation feature works as advertised. You do need an Internet connection for both of those features, though.
The best part is, it’s free. They could have charged $5 and I still would have bought it.


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  1. Neil Avatar

    Hmm methinks i will download…not that i need any help for my werd skillz

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