Atlantis lifts off successfully

Space shuttle Atlantis sucessfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral about 30 minutes ago, with Canadian Steve MacLean on board. The crew is expected to do some construction work on the international space station during the 11-day mission. In case you missed it, here’s a few snaps I took from NASA TV (more in the extended):
[picture: Picture05.png]
[picture: Picture06.png]
[picture: Picture07.png]
[picture: Picture08.png]

[picture: Picture09.png]
[picture: Picture11.png]
[picture: Picture12.png]
[picture: Picture13.png]
[picture: Picture14.png]
[picture: Picture15.png]
[picture: Picture16.png]
[picture: Picture17.png]
[picture: Picture18.png]
[picture: Picture19.png]
[picture: Picture20.png]
[picture: Picture21.png]
[picture: Picture22.png]
[picture: Picture23.png]
[picture: Picture24.png]
[picture: Picture25.png]
[picture: Picture26.png]
[picture: Picture27.png]
[picture: Picture28.png]
[picture: Picture29.png]
[picture: Picture30.png]
[picture: Picture31.png]
[picture: Picture32.png]
[picture: Picture33.png]
[picture: Picture34.png]
[picture: Picture35.png]
[picture: Picture37.png]
[picture: Picture38.png]
[picture: Picture41.png]
[picture: Picture45.png]
[picture: Picture46.png]
[picture: Picture47.png]
[picture: Picture52.png]

One thought on “Atlantis lifts off successfully”

  1. Great idea for logging the event – since I missed it I was looking for a good recap. Love the camera angle shots they are getting now.
    One of these days we have to make a day trip of it though, living down here we need to see at least one 🙂 And hey, we have a tent … err, scratch that … portable cabin if we want to stay the weekend.

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