Cited for using a DJ

From this morning’s paper. Residents who live near a Siesta Key nightclub say the establishment and its patrons are making too much noise. According to the bar owner, the sound level hasn’t changed much at all recently, so what’s with the charges all of a sudden? According to officials, the rules have been there for at least a year, but they hadn’t enforced them until now. Well that’s just great. I’m very curious to see how this plays out. There seems to be a vendetta in this city against live music. As soon as something interesting comes along, it’s quashed. No wonder so few young people stick around.
So I took the car into the shop this morning for a plain old tune-up, and well, guess what? My front brakes were down to metal on metal. This is somewhat infuriating, since the last time I went in to this same place to get the oil changed, I asked about my brakes and was told they were fine. Apparently not! Anyhow, because of the seriousness of the problem, I got the extra work done there on the spot. Two new rotors and brake pads to go with them. Ack. That was a little more than I was expecting to spend. Methinks I’ll be looking for a new auto shop soon.
Ah well. On the plus side the acceleration is smoother, quieter and more powerful than I can ever remember it being — perhaps it’s the new GTK plugs? 🙂
The plan tonight is to watch Game 7 of the Philly-Tampa hockey series — the winner goes on to play Calgary in the Stanley Cup, woot. Should be fun, a big group of us are planning to be at a local pub at 6:45 so we’re on time to catch the 7pm puck drop. A bit of drama: Cam’s wife Melissa is a big Calgary fan and pretty clearly most people here are rooting for Tampa. So it’s gonna be mighty interesting around here if Tampa wins. I’m just happy there’s a Canadian team in contention for the cup! How long has it been? 10 years? Something ridiculous like that.
Following Davin’s post about massive airlines… it’s time to visit the DOCTA! (the last track on Freaky Flow and MC Flipside’s great drum and bass album, Keep it Live, recorded, well — live — in Toronto).


  1. Gee, that ordinance is The Suck. It’s also completely ridiculous and unreasonable and the old people who are complaining should just die already and do their grandchildren a favour. Yeesh.

  2. Wow, can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. What’s really Teh Suck is seeing live venues disappear when there aren’t many to begin with. Grr!!!

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