1. Given the quality and the size of the image, I am assuming the ones on the left-hand-side are from the disposable camera?

  2. Yep that’s right. 🙂 I should probably put a description on the gallery …
    My findings were basically: “Yikes, are all disposables this bad?” One thing that may be playing a part is, I think the disposable may have had ISO800 film in it, so that might explain the overexposure. Also — it’s just a guess — it’s probably not a good idea to bake your camera inside your car through a couple Florida summers. Just a hunch though.
    I did a little more looking, and it turns out the disposable was from when I went to go see Paul van Dyk at the House of Blues in Orlando with Jeff… approaching 4 years ago! Geez time flies when you’re having fun…

  3. Most of the film shots were not able to handle the bright light as well as the G3. Clarity was also missing in most of the film shots.
    A good experiment. To really compare you need cameras which could control all the variables equally with similar lens and so on. Your film camera probably had no manual settings, right? No close-ups allowed with it.

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