200m from my bedroom window? Geez. I know it’s Independence Day and all but it’s two-twenty freakin’ eight in the morning (and otherwise dead quiet).
Update, 12:12pm: On the topic of patriotism, this made front-page news today: Mind your star-spangled manners, flag experts urge. Sensationalist headline, but positive nonetheless.
This afternoon I’m heading north to Tampa with Darren for a disc throwing/keg-drinking/bbq/fireworks party — should be fun. 🙂
Hope the remainder of your long weekend is safe and happy. (PS: Have you started your Essence of playlist yet?)


3 responses to “Fireworks?”

  1. i’m pretty anti-flag, except as a handy means of identifying things, you know, like embassies or cheese, though i must say i wince at things like americans wearing theirs as clothing, something that’s a woeful plague this time of year ’round these parts. i was aware of the flag code, (i think i read an article about it on a few months back) and it’s painfully obvious that most who wear the flag as, say, a rhinestone studded cable knit polyester sweater, are as ignorant of the symbol they’re sporting as they are of, say, what their president is doing to wreck the entire world for everyone.

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