God Put a Smile upon Your Face

Okay, so two morning thoughts.
After Ultimate last night, went out and got food, and afterwards hit the Paddywagon. There I met a very fine pool shark by the name of Carolina. Dark hair, thin, attractive, very precise with her balls. She asked if the beer I was drinking was New Castle Brown Ale. Indeed it was. She told me normally she’d be drinking it too, but she had a bit of a cold. And with that took a sip of red wine.
Anyone ever heard of this before? Is it that beer isn’t good for you, that (red) wine is good for you, or some combination thereof?
I have another a question: how long is a loaf of bread supposed to last? My last loaf went weeks without going moldy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it go bad. Wonder if I’ll live longer with all the preservatives……