Sorry about the lack of updates lately folks, I’ve been really busy lately getting my haus in order. Dialup internet is such a PITA. I hate thinking I’m missing calls when I’m only trying to stay up to date on the news. Comcast (the cable internet folks) said they’d call me back when their computer systems came back online, but that was a week and a half ago, so it looks like it’s time to call them back and kick some hiney.
Also, found a new radio station/organization I like to listen to while at work, HBR1.com. Check it out. In particular, check out, “DreamFactory”, their ambient trance stream. I’ve heard lots of good music while tuned into it, in particular, a set called “BOMBLE drugged onions”. Keep an eye out, it’s a good one. Next time I hear it, I’m gonna be ready. (The set playing right now — “Morlack – Babylon – 04 03 03” — is pretty great too.).