Hullo from Texas!

Hey folks,
Just a quick update from a Kinkos copy center — my boss stopped by, and I discovered they had internet access, so I ran and got my laptop! As you may have guessed I didn’t get back last Friday as I thought I would in my last entry; here’s a short note I wrote up for the blog in my hotel the other night, in the event I got an internet connection. If I don’t get a chance to write again before I get back (this coming Wednesday) — there’s no internet where I’m working — take care and we’ll talk soon. 🙂

3/26/2004 - 11:00pm.
Dear krishenblog
I'm not sure when I'm going to get a chance to post this, but here goes... I'm sitting in my hotel room in San Antonio, typing this on a 15" Powerbook loaned to me from work. I just got back from a wonderful seafood dinner. Blackened halibut with a "diablo" sauce (shrimp, crabtail meat) on "dirty" (read: spicy) rice with veggies. I gotta say, I feel totally spoiled. I don't think I've ever worked anywhere with this nice a meal policy. Much better than my meals while I'm on my own. :D
Although with just over a million people San Antonio is a real mix of things, Mexican culture overwhelmingly permeates day-to-day life; even the sushi restaurant I went to a few days ago had a "Jalepeño" roll. According to the tourist mag in the hotel lobby, there are over 800 mexican restaurants available to choose from. Una çervesa por favor?
San Antonio is a military town: there are four military bases within a short drive from the city; at the Spurs basketball game I went to last weekend, there were well over a dozen yellow schoolbuses of soldiers who had made the drive out to see the game. It's also highly religious; the restaurant beside the hotel has a big billboard on the bottom of it's 120 ft high green neon signpost which reads: "Closed Sundays For Worship". Temperature has been hovering between 70-80 F on a daily basis -- perfect. It's only rained once so far, yeah!
Just an aside here: it's been really odd not having internet access of any kind for the past week. I bet my inbox is getting close over-full. With luck I'll get a chance to check it soon.
I'm back in Sarasota on Wed the 31st -- just in time to pay rent! We'll see; the trip has already been extended once. So far work has had a couple of hiccups but has otherwise it has been a productive experience.
Well that's it for me tonight -- hopefully I'll get a chance to post this soon. Take care everyone!
See ya,


  1. I remember San Antonio as being a beautiful city. Hope you have a great time K.Don’t gain too much weight eatin’ all that grub!

  2. hey guys, thanks for the comments 🙂 chrissie, san antonio was quite beautiful… the tall, leaning old buildings and air downtown remind me of san francisco — very enjoyable. jayne, oh man, did I ever eat. i think i might have gone up a belt size!! haven’t run in 2+ weeks though; tomorrow night’s ultimate frisbee game is going to be painful! 🙂

  3. Chrissie: mMmMm, Grub. I love calling food that. Especially food you can eat a lot of. On the other hand it’s disgusting little wormlike creature with legs that Gorillas eat lots of. At least I saw ’em eating lots of them in The FarSide by Gary Larson. And he knows everything.
    Hope you had fun Krishen!!!

  4. neil, thanks, I did, i hope to get a post up about it soon 🙂 now… to tackle this mountain of laundry!

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