iPhone keeps forgetting my phone number

My phone has been doing this every so often for the past few months, most often, when trying to view a text message. I’m a bit confused as to why this is something I can even set. This link suggests turning iMessage off/on & making sure Messages is set up to receive messages on my phone and my Apple ID. Will be trying this out & will report results here.

Update, 10/15/2012:
So, I haven’t seen this issue since I made the modification. However, I’ve since also upgraded to iOS 6, so I can’t tell if that’s why I’m not seeing it anymore. Either way, works for me! 🙂


  1. Hey man I was looking for a solution to fix a problem I was having running Virtual Studio in VMware and I saw in another wordpress that it sounded like you had the same problem but were able to fix it using the method he described in the post (Shows the post being in 2010 so you may not remember…)

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