Major events!

Well, let’s see. What’s happened since last Friday? A few major things. I’m gonna keep it short ’cause it’s 1:37am, and it’s a workday:
-On Saturday I turned 26 (had appetizers and a jug-o-beer bought for me)
-On Wednesday I finally got the keys to my mailbox
-Yesterday two major things happened: (1) I got a phonebook (somehow the mailman managed to cram it into my mailbox) and (2) I got a license plate for my car. Finally I can take that German plate off the back. The previous owner wants it back as a momento, so I get to give it to her grandma (who also lives in the Heron’s Run apartment complex).
-Oh, and today: this blog entry is brought to you by the gracious free-trial-cd folks at AOL, who somehow managed to include their software with Verizon’s phonebook. I’m connected at 46,667 baud, what a novelty!
Weekend plans: Re-visit the Tampa Apple Store, this time with Simon and keeping an eye out for decent digital cameras. Oh yeah, maybe throw the disc around with Marc on Sunday (as I did last night).
Someone remind me to send Ulti propaganda today (Friday). I’m trying to convince four of my co-workers who have never played ultimate to spend the evening of their Labor Day Holiday Monday playing at Siesta Key. In a way, we’re in the same boat, since I’ve never played (on a beach :).
That’s all for now, time for bed!