Mega mega white thing

It’s a beautiful weekend here. And from everything I’ve read (Davin, Jim, Devon, Julie) — everyone’s having gorgeous time up in Vic/Van, too. Think this calls for a little afternoon exploring before heading up to Jeff’s BBQ. The camera shall accompany, of course.
For now I leave you with a remix of an old classic [lyrics] (thanks Jeff). It’s encoded in AAC format (aka Advanced Audio Coding, aka MPEG-4 Audio, aka .m4a — sounds better than mp3 at the same filesize/bitrate); Windows users in particular, let me know how it goes, esp. if you have problems. I’d have converted it to an MP3, but, it would seem that, along with support for the vericool new AirTunes tech — Apple has removed the ability to convert between audio formats in latest revision to iTunes (4.6). Grr. [/rant]
Update, 6/21, 9:46am: Well, it seems my rant was premature — Cam is still able to convert between formats (specifically from AAC->MP3) in iTunes 4.6 without problems. Now, I know you’re not allowed to convert songs you’ve downloaded from the iTunes Music Store to other formats, but the song in question was ripped from CD, so there shouldn’t have been a problem! Hummpfh.