Movie ratings: Flixster Users vs Critics

While using the Flixster app on my phone the other day, I noticed it gave both an overall “Like” percentage from Flixster users, as well as from an aggregate of critics’ opinions (Flixster gets these values from the Rotten Tomatoes website). This got me thinking — I wonder which movies get the most-divergent opinions?
So I surveyed some of the movies found on Flixster’s front pages (box office top ten + DVD new releases). Sure enough, Transformers: Dark of the Moon was in there, but it wasn’t the most-divergent. For that you need to check out Just Go With It. Which isn’t terribly surprising because it’s basically a parade of big names.
On the other side of the spectrum you have the films critics love but Flixster users… well.. don’t. The winner in this camp: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow. “The film bears witness to German artist Anselm Kiefer’s alchemical creative processes and renders in film, as a cinematic journey, the personal universe he has built at his hill-studio estate in the South of France.” No big surprise there 🙂
I do find this kind of thing fascinating though, especially the films that are dead-even popularly and critically. What’s going on with these films? Do they have a universal message or theme about them? Was it a fluke?
Anyway see the results below, sorted by the difference between popular and critical opinion (can anyone come up with a good name for this quantity?). I’m going to probably redo this every once and a while.


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