5 thoughts on “My new U2 iPod bike”

  1. Nice wheels man!!! Did you seriously find some height to catwalk over down there? I didn’t think they had mounds of dirt?
    I’ve been biking every day these days myself 🙂

  2. No height needed for catwalks (though they are easier uphill 🙂 — no, we found an industrial park out east of the I-75 and zoomed around. I joked with Nkosi that if we were going to an industrial park on our bikes we needed a can of paint so we could spray our gang logos everywhere à la Grand Theft Auto. 😀
    As for the jumps, they were off the ends of sidewalks 🙂

  3. Sorry to miss the two-wheeled excitement … we will have to go this coming week. Looks like a nice ride.

  4. For those that didn’t catch what I was talking about in the post title, it’s a reference to Apple’s influence on industrial design. Witness the U2 iPod, released Oct 2004:

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