Quivver – Surin (Original Mix)

My track of the day/week/month 🙂
You can probably find it on Beatport; as it is I heard it come in at about the 47 minute mark of Part 1 of Greg Benz’s “Aurium April 2008 Mix”, both parts of which you can download from hybridized.org (you may need to go to the front page of hybridized.org before the download will work). “Surin” also makes a reappearance at the end of Part 2 of the set, which provides a nice through-line. The mix itself features some newly-produced prog house with good funk to it, which is always fun.
And if I remember correctly, Quivver just put out a full length artist album, so I’m going to have to see if that track’s on it… it’s not on iTunes (yet, anyway), though some of his other stuff is (such as the excellent Brothers And Sisters).

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  1. Hey, I bought this track around a month ago and am planning on putting it in my next mix. Great choon, john graham proves that he is mad talented as usual.

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