Sore muscles

So Cam and Melissa had me over for breakfast this morning. I’m thinking we may make it a regular thing, it was quite yummy!
Cam, Melissa and I went up to G.T. Bray park for an Ultimate pickup game. Melissa played excellently for her first game. I hope she continues to come out — she seems to have a natural ability for the game.
The plan now is to go over to Cam’s and Melissa’s for dinner (woohoo!), an episode or two of Buffy, and then down to the hot-tub. Yeah! Hooray for full weekends!
How was yours?

4 thoughts on “Sore muscles”

  1. make it a regular thing? They are, of course, O.K with this?

  2. weekend–> private navy boat tour, great dinner with tobe new roomies and of course what weekend is complete without cramming for a midterm!
    not bad all round! 🙂

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