Still possible to redeem iTunes-Pepsi promotion credits?

Well, I was going to tell you about my weekend, but I just received a very unusual email from Apple.
For those of you in the US: did the deadline for redeeming credits from the Pepsi-iTunes promotion get extended or something? I just received a receipt for three songs I bought on a whim last night (for the curious: Ween – Zoloft, Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It, Information Society – Tell Me What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)) — and I fully expected a receipt for $2.97. Instead, I got this. Only the last track there — the one labelled “$0.00” — was part of the “free-song-of-the-week” promotion which is currently running. The ones labelled “Free”? They’re definitely not listed free in the iTunes Music Store. Not that I’m complaining or anything. 🙂