Great weekend

So… by all accounts HPSN was a great success. I’m pretty happy πŸ™‚
I had a pretty great weekend, too. After finishing off some work on an unrelated project on Saturday afternoon, I headed over to Cam and Melissa’s, where we binged on fantastic, handmade pierogis (perogi, perogy, piroghi, pirogi, or pyrohy) by Melissa. And, oh yeah, salad, bratwurst, chips & salsa and beer. Mmmm. Not the healthiest stuff in the world but hey it’s okay once and while, right? Went to the video store, picked out Martin Scorsese‘s The Departed — what a great film! The parts I was awake for, anyway. We started the film at 10:30 though so I think I have a good excuse πŸ™‚ Stayed the night and slept in until noon (they have good curtains!), and enjoyed another round of pierogis and sunny-side up eggs… oh comfort food how I love thee.. watched an episode of Buffy, then went upstairs and helped assemble their new desk. Man. Why are the instructions on assemble-it-yourself furniture always so bad? Anyway, after some consternation it all came together, and it looks great! Got me thinking of buying some new furniture…
After that, got my things together and went out to Ultimate Frisbee for the first time in more than a month. That was great.. and I wasn’t as dead as I thought I was going to be. And apparrently Cam and Melissa hadn’t had enough of me, because I went right back there for dinner and enjoyed some great grilled chicken while we watched the Oscars. And I’m delighted to say The Departed won Best Picture, because I still have the rental for another three days… haha. Going to try and watch it again tonight if I have the time.
Anyway time to go to work, I’ll leave you with a few images from Ultimate last night. Have a good day!

with a cherry [coke] on top

[And without further ado, here’s Brian’s first post -Krishen]
        I have this very morning rediscovered Cherry Coke. Once my passion in the dark-ages of high school, this fine brown elixir has found its way into my heart once again. To give you some context: I used to drink at least two 12oz cans of the stuff a day, much to the delight of my then-girlfriend who discovered it made an excellent proverbial-carrot. As I rewrote myself in college, I phased the drugs known as soda and television out of my life in favor of those with more staying power and thus Cherry Coke was forgotten. When I began my career as a professional alcoholic (read ‘software developer’), sodas of various flavors trickled back into my beverages as mixers in my holy quest to find the perfect mate for Vodka.
        Have you ever stopped to consider how the selection of sodas for a given multi-flavor fountain is chosen? Restaurants, bars, and the like have machines offering 6, 8, and sometimes as many as 16 flavors but how often do you see Cherry Coke? Such businesses, if they offer Coke products at all, usually have Coke and Diet Coke but frequently neglect Cherry Coke unless they happen to sell pizza. Has there been some secret market research that links pizza and Cherry Coke as a match made in heaven? Pizza joints aside, Cherry Coke from a fountain is a rarity these days and personally I have never seen it in a bar which means my exposure to it in recent years was minimal. Couple this with the fact that the packaging for the product has also changed several times in recent years and it seems as if somehow the product was trying to evade my consumption altogether. What did I ever do to you, Cherry Coke, if not appreciate you? Are you bitter that I left you by the wayside in favor of other drugs? I assure you, its not you, its me.
        Later, when I joined the software industry full-time, I was inundated with free soda in the workplace and worse than that, a democratic power to influence the flavors available to me. I sullied my innards with the likes of Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper primarily for their caffeinated prowess. I frowned upon coffee drinkers but there was a small void inside me where my beverage-satisfaction should be… until today.
        I was surreptitiously scanning the refrigerator to steal a caffeine-source from our sister company when I found one of those oddly long-and-thin 12-packs of Coke in the fridge. With ninja-like stealth, I made it safely back to my desk, crack the can, and take a victory sip only to find my past flooding down my throat: Cherry Coke! I take a second look at the can in my hand and find that sure enough, the packaging has a subtle cherry drawn upon it despite looking a hell of a lot like the Coke Classic packaging of modern day. Once again reunited with my syrupy lover of yore, I savored her inner juicesΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦ I am sorry I ever left. Now where can I get some fucking pizza this early in the morning? <3 ~B

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Apple juice

Note to self: do not drink apple juice and forget about the glass.

Red Baron

Do not ever believe consuming an entire Red Baron “Thin Crust Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil” pizza by yourself in one sitting is a good idea. It is not.

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Release time

Cam, Jeff and I had a review last night with management which lasted until 8pm…. whew! Long, but productive at least. I’d like to state for the record this is the first time work has cause me to miss Ultimate. Hopefully it won’t happen again soon. I need my disc!
After work we went to “The Cock and Bull”, a little pub down the road where they sell every type of beer you can imagine. I had a chalice of Gulden Draak — weighing in at 10.5%, one did the trick quite nicely. πŸ™‚
In other news, I just got back from lunch at Don Pablos! Yummy chicken quesadillas, but the service was sloooooooooow. What’d you have for lunch?

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Mac ‘N Cheese

[picture: leafy thing]
Well, it’s been a fun day so far! I’m blogging to you from home. I’d love to write some more, but I’ve got some lunch to finish, and then it’s back to work through the pouring rain (which, strangely enough, was no-where in sight when I stepped into my apartment 40 minutes ago). Hope your Monday treats you well! I promise to write some more later on today.

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Have a good weekend everyone! Can’t believe it’s 5pm already! (though I guess it could have something to do with the 3hr lunch i took). πŸ™‚

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Cam: thoughts ? I have thoughts ? … oh … let see … soy milk – my thought is that krishen has las left what we call ‘the real world’ … my belief is that no matter what “food” you buy it will have ‘crap’ in it … and holding your body to not experiencing that ‘crap’ does more harm than good – hence why kids ‘should’ eat dirt, play in the mud — and everyone should eat bugs !!! However, all that said, I pleasantly have what is offered to me (I am not a picky mooch), so I tried, and liked, the scammbled soy-eggs. Though I don’t suggest it to our vegan friends πŸ˜‰
Krishen: The eggs were actually pretty good! Included on the ingredient list: chili powder, McCormick’s “Salt Free Garlic and Herb”, salt, and pepper. Sharp cheddar grated on top and served with lightly buttered 100% whole wheat. Basically there were so many flavours that I couldn’t taste the soy. Heh, well not really — there was an enjoyable subtle nut flavour to them. I recommend using plain soy milk, though — the vanilla flavoring in the soy milk I used came out while the eggs were cooking, making it smell like I was cooking pancakes!
Update, 6:32pm. Krishen: Cam, I think all that milk you’ve been drinking has affected the reasoning portion of your brain! πŸ˜‰

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Cam, Good Feedback, Ultimate and Drive-thru Everything!

Oh man! So Cam arrived last night around 8pm. After a downing a couple of BEvERages and making my now-classic carribean jerk-chicken fajitas (soo good!), we watched Bend It Like Beckham [imdb] [trailer].
Bend It is about an Indian girl in England battling a generational and cultural divide. If you’ve been paying close attention, you know this is the second time I’ve watched it — and it’s just as good the second time through! Having Indian heritage, many parts of this film resonated with me. But you don’t need to be Indian to enjoy it — it’s very good storytelling and manages to be serious and funny and uplifting all at the same time. Go see it if you get the chance [worldwide release dates].
After the movie and fajitas, Cam did the Right Thing:

Made Hungry Jack for breakfast, and we were on the way to Starbucks for a pre-interview caffeine injection, but we ran out of time. πŸ™ Forgot about the 8 o’clock traffic jams on Fruitville.
Cam was in Sarasota for less than twenty hours. The flight-time alone is more than that. I can’t really say much here about how the interview went. Suffice to say I’ll be finding out more in about two weeks! πŸ˜€
Apart from the inteview with Cam, work today was fantastic — got loads of feedback from the trainers that teach folks how to use our product. Although we had them in to basically get their stamp of approval for our new features, we also got a ton of feedback on things that would be easy to change in the software and would increase overall usability. So that ruled. Hopefully I’ll be getting some time budgeted in this year’s software plan to incorporate some of this most-excellent feedback. I’ve got my fingers crossed anyhow. The master plan ™ should be unveiled sometime in the next week or so.
And of course, what Thursday evening would be complete without a little Ultimate with the Sarasota Slackers? We played *three* games tonight!

Here’s something neat: Scotty brought organically-grown leafy veggies to the game and gave them away.

It was a big hit. Just ask Jeremiah!

Not sure who this guy is, but he was sure grinning like an idiot!
I also met Emily tonight. She had been standing on the sideline the whole night, so I had to ask her her name. Turns out her coworker Thomas brought her and that she’d never played before — but she’d like to learn! Very cool. Here’s another cool thing: I told her I was from Victoria, and she already knew I wasn’t from the US. She overheard me speaking before I came over to talk to her, and she noticed I didn’t have an American accent. How cool is that? On top of this, she’s from Nova Scotia. A fellow Canadian! And she’s got an Aunt who lives just minutes from Victoria in Sidney! Crazy.
After ulti I had to get my traditional post-game coffee. You know what? I’m not sure the tradition extends very well. It used to be that I would get the coffee after playing on the beach on Monday nights. Because we stopped playing when the sun went down, that meant I was getting my coffee at around 6:30pm. Now that I’m playing under lit-fields, I’m at Ultimate until much later than before; today I got home at 10pm. So perhaps I’ll have to link my weekly grande vanilla latte to something else. πŸ™‚
Got to Starbucks and the parking lot was full, so I decided to use a feature of Starbucks that’s totally alien to me: the drivethrough.

I’ve got to admit, it was actually pretty convenient!
And the photo of the night? How could I pass this sign and NOT take a picture?

That is all

Pizza for breakfast! Pizza for breakfast! Today’s gonna be a good day.

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