Not the bomb

Pecans and walnuts and almonds in ice cream? Whose bright idea was this? The white and dark fudge chunks are great, but you can keep the nuts.

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Major life discoveries

Preparing a variety of food requires a variety of kitchen equipment.
Current wanted list:

  • Lasagna/casserole dish
  • Toaster
  • Mixing bowl
  • Salad spinner thingamajig
  • Salad bowl

Anyone feeling generous? 🙂

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Weekend update

Saturday, October 5th, I ran 5k to help raise moolah for the American Cancer Institute or whatever they’re called down here. It’s the US equivalant of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Note: it’s waay too hot to run the whole thing in my current state. Perhaps that’s why they made it a walk. Especially when carrying my car keys and camera, in direct sunlight, with no wind. Heh. I didn’t time myself but I figure I took around 30 minutes to do the whole thing, including the ~200m walk I took.
I also picked up some sweet lamps from the Salvation Army. They were $24.95 each. Since it was Saturday, lamps were 25% off and I ended up paying roughly $36 for a pair. They’re really neat. My words won’t do them justice right now, but I’ll take pictures and try to find a scanner soon.
And tonight, tonight, I had water drip from my ceiling, through the “breakfast bar” spotlight. Turns out the upstairs neighbour’s washing machine overflowed, and he didn’t even realize it until I knocked at his door. Luckily I caught most of the water with a couple of pots, and nothing majorly important got struck by the stream of water. I got a few pictures of it, should be interesting to see how they turn out. I’m not really sure of my rights in this situation, if I have any at all. I’m not sure if the apartment complex is liable for damages or not — i mean, after all, it *is* their washer that overflowed, not the tenant’s. But anyway. Time to look into renter’s insurance, I suppose.

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And don’t say double-chocolate fudge cake

So earlier this evening I was looking in the fridge, and what did I see? Pickles, cheese, milk, bread, margarine, apples, bananas, pre-chopped garlic, cheddar, grated parmesan, a loaf of 100% whole-wheat bread, stir-fry sauce, a couple slices of deli-ham and provalone, ten tortillas, sour cream, all-purpose marinade, miracle whip, baby carrots, romaine lettuce and Patak’s hot curry paste. In the freezer — instant pancake mix, 2 veggie patties, frozen peppers, half a bag of some frostbitten mixed veggies, oven-cook french fries and an almost-unopened 1-litre tub of Ben & Jerry’s “Smores” flavoured ice-cream. In the pantry — several jars of pasta sauce, ovaltine, rotini and macaroni, several cans of soup, vinegar, rice, maple syrup, one (count it) one box of KD, condensed milk, green cardamom, fennel, 10 black-pepper pappadums, sugar, flour, certain unspecified junk food and a tin of smoked oysters. By the stove — extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, two types of hot sauce, mango chutney, worchestershire sauce and three whole cloves of garlic. On the counter — four kaiser rolls and a bag of table potatoes.
And I was thinking — “man, do I ever need more variety”. I ended up eating two boiled potatoes.
Now that I’ve written out all the stuff I could have chosen from, I don’t think it’s variety that’s the problem. Think this is more of a case of needing inspiration. There must be *something* interesting I could make with all this stuff. Have any ideas?
What’s your favorite recipe?

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