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  • On Software Packaging & Distribution

    On Software Packaging & Distribution

    So, I’ve moved in with my significant other (yay!), and part of that move is a reconfiguration of my office space. Part of this involves me examining things I’ve been holding onto for a while. Those things? Software packaging. Giant, shelf-space hogging, software packaging. Boxes, just filled with cardboard & plastic, so as to take…

  • Reflections on today’s Apple Event

    So, I haven’t posted in a while. True. Been very busy with life. Between work and school and Joy and Facebook it’s been tough getting in some blog-time. But here we are… question is, are there any of YOU left. Yes Cam, I see you. You and your RSS-reader. Ha… anyone else reading this by…

  • USB 2 Ports of Justice

    …and the angels sang: