Taking the car into the shop today

So I’m taking the Altima into the shop this morning. Swift Auto, to be precise — the same folks who looked over my car before I decided to purchase it. Simon’s going to drive me back. I’m going to get them to call me with an estimate before they do any work on the “timing pulley” issue — it could get expensive. So expensive, in fact, I’m going to get them to look at it before anything else. It might not be worth it to fix the rest of the car if that costs too much!
Also, the rest of the costs are fairly straightforward:

  • Needs cooling system flush – 55 est
  • Needs outer c/v boot or axle – 100 or 225
  • Needs tune-up – 75 est
  • Hoses feel good but 7 years old – 200 est for all

    New things about the car that I’ve discovered need repair since I bought it: the driver’s side lock does not unlock from outside; windshield washer fluid resevoir has a crack in it (any fluid you put in it leaks straight out); and of course the muffler disconnection problem I obtained 10 days ago while driving down Tuttle Ave to play Ultimate. For the muffler, the plan is to get a muffler specialist to look at it.