The cool has arrived.. for now

This morning it felt like I was back in Victoria. Thanks to the Weather Underground (‘s hourly temperature reports suck — there’s no way to find out the hourly temperatures for hours in the current day that have already passed; you have to wait until the next day and then you can see yesterday’s hourly temperatures), I was able to figure out we hit about 10 C (about 50F) this morning. Brr! Interestingly it looks like it continued to get colder right up until 8am.
And this is cool (pun not intended); not only can The Weather Underground superimpose all the weather stations in your local area onto Google Maps, but it turns out there’s one about 400 meters from my apartment complex. Neat.

Anyway, the chill is only supposed to last a couple days, and then it’s back to plain old hot.
To follow: Photos from this weekend, discussion about class.

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