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In my haste last night I neglected to mention: Sunday, I spent an hour sitting at Sun Circle Park watching the pelicans feed. Have you ever seen a pelican feed? It’s the coolest thing. Don’t forget you can click on any picture to see the supersized version.
So, onto tonight’s topic: the best way to get a hold of me online.
Here’s my list — ranked by frequency checked, with the most frequently checked item at the top:

  • iChat/AIM (instant)
  • e-mail (once an hour)
  • krishenblog (2-3 times/day)
  • orkut (once/day)
  • irc (once/day)
  • MSN Messenger (once/week)
  • ICQ (twice/month)
  • Friendster (probably once/month)

What’s your list look like?

11 thoughts on “The list”

  1. Haha, yeah, I should probably clarify a little — the first 2 are while I’m at work 🙂 Where’s your list?

  2. I notice the phone wasn’t even on there.
    Email (Whenever I feel like answering)
    Phone (Whenever I feel like answering)
    iChat (Whenever I feel like logging on)
    Krishen’s Blog (1-2x a day)

  3. Thnikkaman, thanks!
    Jeff: Phone? What’s a phone? Heh… actually I was just listing “Online” ways to get a hold of me — though, heck — my phone might be online soon. 🙂

  4. Hmm … phone is iffy for me as well since I am not available by phone when I am out OR when I am online 🙂 Being on dial-up really takes away from my communication.
    Guess my list would be:
    iChat (freq at work, three nights a week at home)
    email (.mac account) (daily, freq when at work)
    phone (just be prepared to leave a message)
    blog (about twice a day)
    in person (depends on who you are ;-))
    orkut (rare at the moment … still looking at when/how it fits into my life)

  5. Cam, yeah, regarding orkut, so far my use has been more academic than anything else, really.
    That said, however, the one thing that will keep me coming back are the Communities (discussion groups). There are some really interesting ones: Indian Food, Bloggers, Canada, Computer Science, Barenaked Ladies, Victoria, The Tragically Hip. Loads of music-related communities. Check it out next time you’re on.

  6. I’d have to check with my personal assistance first, then send you that list…;-)

  7. I’m so low-tech. Email all the way. I check my email compulsively – there are support groups for people like me. I don’t use instant messaging. I can probably be reached through my blog a few times a day, but I have my work phone turned down from that time I had a horrible headache and haven’t remembered to turn it back up, because I get about 0.34 calls per day and it’s not like they can’t leave a message.
    *Email (constant, since I hear it)
    *Blog (twice – three times per day)
    *Phone (like, never)

  8. 0.34? heh. you got me beat. my work phone rings so infrequently, that, when it does, i think it’s coming from another cube.
    also, i think i have to re-evaluate some of my stats. the amount i’m on irc varies wildly — once/day is nowhere near correct. sometimes it’s every day for a week, sometimes i’m not on for two months. and my blog-checking is probably little low, too 🙂

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