Timeo for Bed

[picture: to bed]
To bed
[picture: get up]
To rise
Suffice to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. My short review of mista Maas, since it’s quite late: Timo was excellent; the crowd, so-so. I have theories on this. But they’ll have to wait. I’m off to sleep, with luck. Dream well!


  1. I’ll bet Timo was rad! He has a particular style, which i really like personally. Cant wait to read your more full length review heh.
    ummmmm.. the JBL speak0rz look wild, how were they?

  2. The speakers are a good set of computer speakers. There’s better quality out there but not with the looks. It uses a headphone style jack which while not the greatest is pretty universal, and it plugs directly into the iPod 🙂 The volume control is pretty wicked, it’s a touch sensitive pad (not a button) on one of the satellite. Certainly one of the most unique speaker sets out there.

  3. Since the club was open ’til 3 and he came on at midnight I thought he might be closing, but he didn’t and I didn’t know until it was too late. That meant no autograph for me either 🙁 Next time!

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