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Hio! It’s been a while. It’s late so this is going to be short.
First, Ultra. Ultra was awesome. Hung out with cool peeps (hey Andrzej, Irina, Yoder, Chong, Mayur, Nkosi), heard some great music (hey Tiesto, PvD, Bad Boy Bill, Deep Dish, Carl Cox, Hybrid, Roger Sanchez, Stanton Warriors, Danny Tenaglia), and had some not so great food but eh, what you gonna do. 🙂 Pics in a bit; for now check out some of the videos I’ve collected (this is one of my favorites).
Second: I signed up for a Facebook account, and I have this to report: I love it. It’s designed well AND people use it, which solves the dilemma I had with Google’s Orkut (designed nicely, no-one uses it) vs. Myspace (designed like crap, tons of people use it). Yay! If you’re on Facebook, add me — I’m not quite sure what the best way to do this is, yet, but if you search for my name, I think it should come up.

2 thoughts on “Ultra, Facebook”

  1. Horrah :). I just joined facebook as well, and agree with you on all accounts. It seems so much better than other “social networking” sites I’ve used. And hey I searched for you and there you were. I also like how restrictive it is with details not showing to the world.

  2. Definitely. I’m actually just now discovering that now… what’s pretty neat is, that, unlike all the other sites, unless someone’s added you as a friend, you can’t see anything about them, except a small photo and their friends list. And you can make a “limited” profile, which is nice too.

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