Update on tooth situation

So, a few things I didn’t mention yet. It’s looking like a root canal. The next possible appointment is March 3rd. Tomorrow, if the antibiotic hasn’t helped more, I’ll be finding a new dentist. At Jeff’s BBQ tonight — which was awesome, by the way, thank you Jeff — Kemp said he’d find out the name of the dentist which his coworkers use and recommend.
Also noteworthy: the pain peaked Friday — with me calling Cam and Melissa at 11pm because I was feeling lightheaded. I got some food in me and that helped a lot; because of the pain my meal preparation activities had gone by the wayside and I had neglected to make dinner. Eating’s pretty necessary.
Saturday the pain was much less, and I felt much more optimistic. It now only hurt when I touched the molar, or consumed something that was a different temperature than my mouth. Because our HPSNMETI‘s major tradeshow — is coming up, I spent the majority of Saturday at work. I managed to get away with taking just two Vicodin that day, compared to five the day before.
Today was similar to yesterday, in that it’s just temperature and pressure that cause pain — no more waves of pain like on Thursday and Friday. I’m hoping that’s the antibiotic kicking in. Anyhow, just a quick update. Gotta get to sleep before the drugs wear off, y’know.
PS: My longtime-friend Tex just got hisself a blog. Check it out.

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  1. thank you! i think they must be working, I had just one extra-strength tylenol today 🙂 hope you had a good valentine’s day.

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