What happens in Vegas…

…stays in Vegas. Mostly 🙂 Clicky! A big hello to Mayur, Tarne, Chong, Hiren, Sachin and of course Florida locals Steve, Kim and Nkosi.. I had a great time, time to plan another trip!
Reflections on Vegas: fun city if you like to gamble; don’t bring your kids; beer pong and flippy cup at O’Sheas pub/casino (on the strip) is awesome. I’m not really a gambler so I played slots the majority of the time; ended up +$17 on 200! Ha. I did end up getting a lesson on Craps while I was there, and thank god… it’s one of the noisiest, confusing games I’ve ever seen. Heh. But it turns out not being so bad.. just a game of statistics mostly. Didn’t get up the nerve to place any bets on it though.. next time. The buffets are alluring, but if you’re there more than few days it’s easy to tire of them… and given you’re stuffed after eating at most of them, you’ll want to skip them anyway in favor of something smaller. That was pretty easy at Planet Hollywood (where we stayed), thanks to the multitudes of connected shops. If you ARE looking to eat at a buffet, you only need to consider “The Buffet” at the Bellagio; it was by far the best I ate at during my six-day stay ($30). In terms of non-slots gambling, I’d also like to relay a tip from Steve and Kim: if you can find one, play the 1-cent 100-hand video poker machine. Even if you’re really bad, $10 will last you at least an hour and if you’re lucky, quite a bit longer; meanwhile the whole time you’re getting free drinks. Not a bad way to kill some time and you could potentially win quite a bit! Anyway, I gotta say despite some initial skepticism, I had fun. Guess you really never can judge a book by its cover (which, in this case, was a whole lot of flashing lights and fake monuments).


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  1. Remember, the house always wins. The more you win, the longer you stay. The longer you stay, the more you lose.

  2. Yes, eventually, the house wins. But, in the meantime, there’s variations on either side, and you can always stop while you’re up. It’s just that many people don’t. Games of statistics and odds.. up to you to know when you’re abnormally far ahead.

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