The Crystal Method: “Community Service”

(Read Jive Magazine’s review)
What can I say? I love this album. I’ve had it for a few weeks now — a coworker lent it to me. Dark and moody, grabs you by the scruff of your neck and throws you where it wants to go. Track 2’s got a great sample in it; took me by surprise actually. Gotta say, I haven’t heard such a strong opener since disc 2 of Sasha’s GU San Francisco. If the first three tracks don’t make you want to hear the rest of the disc, something’s wrong.

# Track Name Artist Time
1 No Soul (PMT Remix) ILS 4:17
2 Cake Hole Evil 9 5:50
3 Breakin On The Streets (False Prophet Remix) Stir Fry 3:54
4 Morpheus (Meat Katie And Dylan Rhymes Mix) Koma & Bones 3:41
5 Funny Break (One Is Enough) (Plump DJ’s Mix) Orbital 5:20
6 Curveball Elite Force 4:00
7 Dude In The Moon (Luna Mix) Dastrix 6:04
8 Name Of The Game (Hybrid’s LA Blackout Remix) The Crystal Method 5:49
9 Boom (The Crystal Method Remix) P.O.D. 3:31
10 Trickshot Ceasefire 3:16
11 Renegades Of Funk (The Crystal Method Remix) Rage Against The Machine 3:55
12 Paranoid (The Crystal Method Remix) Garbage 5:23
13 Wild, Sweet And Cool (Static Revenger Mix) The Crystal Method 4:24
14 Hold Back Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes 4:38
15 You Know Its Hard (Koma + Bones Remix) The Crystal Method 6:40
16 The Red Pill Scratch D vs H-Bomb 3:24

After that, the compilation really starts into earnest Crystal Methody goodness. Breaks all around, thankyouverymuch! I must agree with the Jive review — this compilation really does leave you wanting more!

At least it’s not cold

Oh man. So I go to open the fridge this morning and notice something. That brought the total to two things I forgot to do last night:

  1. Turn the air conditioning on.
  2. Turn the oven off. My oven had been obediently keeping its insides at 400 F for the last 12 hours.
The first one I figured this out early this morning when I was having trouble sleeping, no big deal… but the second one! Man. “NO OVEN FOR YOU 1 YEAR!”

We need more pretzels too

Feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote anything vaguely about me. Sorry about that. Think it’s ’cause work is currently consuming my existence right now. Its crunchtime. I’ve worked 30 hours of overtime in the last 11 days. I actually managed to get ahead of schedule!
So of course I made the mistake of opening my big fat mouth, and my manager assigned me two more tasks (to be completed after the codefreeze on December 7th!): (1) fixing a bug that I apparently did not fix earlier, and (2) hardcoding the ability to use barcodes with our application (hardcoding just so we can get the release out the door on time). I really have no idea what this barcode stuff is all about, but thankfully Jeff was assigned to help me out. But, ack. I wasn’t expecting to get anything new at this point. It’s endgame.
All this extra work is tough, don’t get me wrong. But it’s really fun finally getting that thing you’ve been slaving over to work the way you want it to, and all the orange juice, coffee, pop, popcorn, hot chocolate and munchies I could want are free.
Unfortunately we’re currently out of dryroasted peanuts so I’m not sure how much work I’ll be able to finish today.

Nice rifle, Officer

This photo was taken when I was warming up at the Fallout 2002 Ultimate tournament last week. It was the strangest sight: dozens of people throwing around frisbees while drill sergeants barked orders at uniforms.
Asking around revealed these guys are part of the ROTC program. As a Canadian, the degree to which the millitary is integrated into American society never ceases to surprise me.

The importance of giving yourself enough time in the morning

Got up at 6:45 this morning, aw yeah! I should really get into the habit of waking this early every day — I had such a nice breakfast. Think that set me off on the right foot, ’cause I solved a problem I’d been working on all week this morning. As a mini-celebration, I gave myself an hour and a half for lunch today! Hooray.
Used part of that to mail a letter (you know, the kind with a stamp on it). Haven’t done *that* in ages.

The Tightey Whiteys

above The team I was on, “The Tightey Whiteys”, at Fallout 2002. L to R: Jeff, Paulette, Ryan, Christine, Mike, Jeremy, Suzie, Drew, Leathers, me, Tim. When this picture was taken, we had just won our first game.
below This shot was taken just after our sixth and final game (our first loss). We’d been playing for 10 hours straight!