Happy Saturday!

If you’re wondering about all the esoteric posts recently, well… work’s been pretty consuming lately (and I guess I make a tasty snack).
But these things pass, right?
Filed my 2002 US taxes today — looks like I’m getting a refund! Again! Woot! I took it to the same tax specialist that handled my 2001 refund just a couple of months ago. Ended up costing me 1/3 of what it did for 2001, which was nice. That money should definitely help out with my Canadian taxes, which I’ll no doubt owe money on.
Met up with Ron, Kemp, Jeff and Cam at the Cock & Bull Pub after finishing up my taxes — around 8:30 or so. I had a dark Belgian beer there — “Gulden Draak”, I think it was called. The bartender warned it had a kick to it. Weighing in at 10.5%, I definitely only needed one pint. We followed this up by an excursion to the all-American gourmet experience known as “Applebees” (tongue heavily in cheek here).
Tomorrow, er, later this morning, Cam and I are heading up to the outlet mall. It’s about 45 minutes away. Supposedly you can get some great deals there. I know Simon picked up a few dressy button-up shirts for $3 a-piece.
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Watch them all fall down

get on aol now!
I think there’s an inverse relationship between how many of these things I receive and how much money AOL’s making.
Watched the Canucks play Phoenix last night down at the Paddywagon. The game started off great — the Canucks were dominating, up 3-1 at the beginning of the 3rd. That’s when I announced that “I’d feel safer if it is 4-1” and jinxed the game. Phoenix came back to tie the game, and that’s how it ended. A different TV had the Colorado-LA game on, which we anxiously wanted LA to win (in order to prevent Colorado from advancing beyond the Canucks in the battle for playoff positions). We left before the game ended, but I just checked the recap and it looks like LA won! So it looks like Vancouver managed to retain its lead over Colorado. Yeah!
Anyway, I’m off to play a little Ultimate — and stretch this time too. 🙂

Compiler fun

Officer Dudley
I suspect this guy isn’t liked much
Yet another good day at work yesterday. Got everything compiling, linking and running the way I’d like it to in Project Builder 1.1. You can check everything out of CVS and double-click on a build script and you’re done! That’s huge!
Next thing on my plate? Getting all the ObjC stuff to build and link under Project Builder 2/Jaguar. I’ve got a “due date” of tomorrow to get it going. I have no idea how long it will take — the compile errors I’ve seen since I started yesterday afternoon are completely esoteric: “tocoff in load command 7 extends past the end of the file”. Say what? This guy had a similar problem, but none of the responses to his message related to “tocoff” in particular. This page explains it relates in some way to a table of contents? Looks like something isn’t getting done properly.
Hooray, figured that one out too. It seems that PB has a problem with frameworks being referenced more than once. All I did was remove the framework from the project and left it in the search path, and voila! No more error. Yay.

You may have already won!

So tonight Cam and I caught up on
reading the paper for free
world news
while drinking
they should be paying me for this
from a place that
barrista breaking down the brollies
too early! It was the first night in recent memory actually cool enough to enjoy a hot beverage outside… in. I got to wear my wool jacket!!! Definitely something I miss about Victoria.
In other news, I checked my mail (you know, the stamp kind) and found this:
navy recruiting flyer
The other side says “Open here for up to… <big letters>$50,000</big letters>”
At first I thought it was the Publisher’s Clearinghouse and got all excited. Nope — just the Department of the Navy. Guh!! Talk about poor expectation management!

pbxbuild clean build -SYMROOT=myArse

Work went well today! That figurative wall I spoke about last night crumbled.
I’ve spent the past two days — a total of 21 hours, not including Friday — exclusively on two things:

  1. Adapting our current Objective-C projects to a new set of foundation libraries, and
  2. Updating our build and assembly process to work with our newly restructured code tree.
And I think I got it working!
I’m really happy I was allowed time to work on this; I think it’s really going to help the department in the short and long term, and it’s been super-fun: I’ve learnt a bunch about building large, multi-framework projects with Project Builder.
Anyways, I’m off to kawfee with Cam. Think he’s got cabin fever. 🙂