The list

In my haste last night I neglected to mention: Sunday, I spent an hour sitting at Sun Circle Park watching the pelicans feed. Have you ever seen a pelican feed? It’s the coolest thing. Don’t forget you can click on any picture to see the supersized version.
So, onto tonight’s topic: the best way to get a hold of me online.
Here’s my list — ranked by frequency checked, with the most frequently checked item at the top:

  • iChat/AIM (instant)
  • e-mail (once an hour)
  • krishenblog (2-3 times/day)
  • orkut (once/day)
  • irc (once/day)
  • MSN Messenger (once/week)
  • ICQ (twice/month)
  • Friendster (probably once/month)

What’s your list look like?


A lovely weekend.
As they are wont to, deadlines loomed, so I found me at work late Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Sunday evening. But in between all that, I managed to squeeze in a little fun time. Saturday night, Amy and Erik invited me over for dinner and a movie. Coincidentally I was just in their area few hours earlier, but they weren’t home. It’s a 35-minute drive up, so it’s no small distance away. But Amy knew the words I wanted to hear. Mmmm, Thai. 🙂 I brought along Igby Goes Down, which I enjoyed a third time through (I haven’t seen it, but I am told it shares traits with Catcher in the Rye.) The characters in this film are fantastic, the acting superb. But the subject matter is a little dark, so it’s not the kind of film you can watch again in a short time frame. But still, very good.
Tune of the day, some hawt progressive house, off Global Underground 025, Deep Dish Toronto, available in fine record stores everywhere: Elisa – Time (Planet Funk Mix) [9.6mb, 192 kbps mp3, 6:59]. (Get it while the link is still up!). Crank this one, it sounds mmm-yum loud.
Kai had Cam, Melissa, Kemp, Jeff and myself over for dinner tonight! She made us sushi, talk about getting spoiled! It was awesome. It was Kemp’s first time having wasabi, first time having sushi in fact. And I discovered I like smoked salmon! Or maybe I should say rediscovered. At family reunions, Mom loves telling how I used to like it when I was two. Ha! Scallops aren’t bad either. 🙂 Afterwards, we had soup, french bread, tea, and for dessert, Kemp brought along some key-lime pie to inject a little Florida culture. An excellent meal, Kai, thank-you so much!
Oh yeah — took a few pics too — enjoy!

Community in mourning

On a very sad note, Carlie Brucia, who went missing earlier this week, was found early this morning.
The headline for today’s paper, which I didn’t see until after getting home from work, was morbidly out of date. “Pray for Carlie’s Return”. I guess they didn’t find out until after press time.
When I was at Movie Gallery last night, there were yellow photocopied signs up on both doors asking patrons to call the police if they knew of any information relating to the case. At work today, it was the first thing out of everyone’s mouth. 🙁
On a lighter note, a bottle of Guinness broke in my trunk last night, so now my whole car reeks of beer. Hey, if you’re gonna reek, reek with class!

Candle burning

Sorry if you tried to reach krishenblog yesterday and couldn’t. My BSP had an Internet outage. 🙂
What have I been up to? Working too much. I’m at work now. Was here last night until 11pm. Didn’t sleep well. I’m putting my foot down today and working 8 hours. That’s the only way I’m going to get to the laundry and dishes. I am out of clothes.
I was going to come in early this morning, maybe skip breakfast. There’s so much to do. But I decided against it. If there’s anything mom taught me growing up, it’s that there is no higher importance than the sanctity of one’s body. Feed it. It will love you for it. And it is. Thanks mom.

Review: I am Sam

Superbowl Sunday at Amy and Erik’s. Move your mouse over the pic!
Tonight was movie night at the Bahans — we watched I am Sam. It was good. Tackled a tough subject — a retarded father, battling the state to care for his young daughter — surprisingly well. Crudely summarized, in the movie we learn not to judge a book by its cover. Funnily enough, I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed “I am Sam” at the video store simply because it looked like a sappy romance.


Woke up this morning with a real mess of a hangover. As a consequence I wasn’t very useful to the world during the AM hours.
However, I did get invited to sign up for another one of those social-networking networks. This one’s called Orkut, and it’s underwritten by everyone’s favorite search engine. It’s in beta. It’s like Friendster in concept, but better executed. First and foremost reason it’s better? It’s fast. Something I’ve never seen from Friendster, which was slow to the point where I didn’t want to look at it. Orkut is joyously fast right now — and hopefully with Google backing it, it will stay that way.
Second: they’ve assimilated a concept which started out on Friendster as an abuse of the friend system — creating a non-person entity, like “trance”, “canada”, “portland” — which people would then become “friends” with in order to show their affiliation with said entity. Orkut has simply taken the concept and made it official, calling these entities “communities”.
I don’t think the facility to merge communities is there yet, but I guarantee it’ll be there shortly. While I was joining communities (a process which is almost too easy) I noticed many duplicates, especially within the music genre. I think I counted 5 devoted to drum and bass, three to Canada, three to Apple, two to Garageband, and two to Homestarrunner. There’s a group for Victoria, but nothing for UVic yet. I’m sure that’ll change in the next day or two, though. From what I’ve been able to discern, Orkut went into operation about 10 days ago. For now, the strategy is join all groups associated with an interest of mine, and unjoin the others as soon as one becomes the clear leader (through participant activity, most visible through the community forums).
Third — and this was really nice to see — Orkut is very conscious of people’s desire to control their information, so with almost every field of information you fill in, you can specify the privacy level (“myself”, “friends”, “friends of friends”, or “everyone”).
Finally (and this is where you come in) — when the members of a given community are displayed, they’re ordered by the number of friends said person has. Right now, I’m at the bottom of nearly every list! I need your help! Don’t be surprised if you get an email from me inviting you to join.. I hate being on the bottom! 😉