We had the first rains of spring today. Boom! Lightning and everything. First time since August or so.
Well, I hope everyone’s had a alright week so far. Mine’s been composed of returning a lot of calls — I’ve had at least two new voicemails/day after getting home from work since the article came out 11 days ago. I thought it would have died down by now but apparently not!
Incidentally, if you haven’t submitted your homework yet, get on it! Today is the submission deadline. I sent mine in last night, I hope at least a couple other folks have too, considering there’s *prizes* to be won (click on the “comment” link).
While the general stress-level around work has gone down a bit, the hours haven’t. Not anything like the monster that was last week, but still not where they should be.
Took the car in for an oil change today, learned the “boot” on the front-right axle is broken and needs to be replaced. That’ll be $189 please. Does that sound right to any of my car-familiar readers? Going in Saturday to get it done. And apparently it’s about 20 mins worth of work. Ugh.

6 thoughts on “Beams”

  1. Yes hon, $189 is a good price for replacing the front axle cv boot on the right side. Being a front wheel drive, your car has CV (constant velocity) joints rather than universal joints which I have on my rear wheel drive car. The CV joints are used rather than u-joints becuase your drive wheels are also your turning wheels. HOW do they work you ask? Hellifiknow.
    The CV joints need to be kept greased at all times, and the boot keeps the grease packed around the joint. If the boot tears, the grease leaks out and then there goes your cv joint, which is more expensive than $189. Not too bad a price, as far as I’m concerned. Don’t let it go too long though, get it fixed. It’s not quite like running your car out of oil (painful engine death in short order) but your CV joint will become greaseless within a period of a few weeks/months, at which point it will need to be replaced rather than just having it regreased and the boot fixed.

  2. Sue thanks so much, I was hoping you’d reply. πŸ™‚ Okay, glad to know I’m not getting shafted. Not sure if that price includes labour or not — but then again, he said it would only take 20 mins.. mind you… hmmm. Come to think of it though, they probably charge by the hour, not the minute. But still. Glad to know you think it’s important to replace immediately, that agrees with what the mechanic said.

  3. You suck. First rains since when? What kind of weather have you had over the winter? If it’s not -35C and snowing, then you officially suck. Bastard πŸ™‚

  4. er… “not” right. Bloody hell. πŸ™‚ Kingston summers are usually +30 and 90% humidity, though, so I still think you suck for not having to put up with evil cold snow πŸ™‚ I mean, good for you for being smart enough to move to a good climate, but it’s still not fair πŸ™‚

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