Woohoo!! 500 entries! That’s got to be some sort of landmark, for sure. Let’s see…. I started August 2002, so that’s….. a year and half == 360/2 + 360 == 480…. just more than one entry per day. Nifty neato! This is actually entry 503.
Spent three hours this morning playing disc golf. Much fun was had. Pictures to follow, probably later this evening. In just few minutes I’m heading up to Bradenton for a little Ultimate, then dinner with Cam and Melissa at Amy & Erik’s. I’m bringing dessert — chocolate covered pretzels and mini Rolos! 🙂
Update, 1:53am – no pictures tonight!! Too late and I must hit the proverbial hay. Have a good sleep everyone.

What’s your list look like?

Just saw this fun little bit on Alison’s blog… here’s how it works:
Step 1: Open your mp3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: List the first ten songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.
Heh…. nifty idea. Here’s me… randomly selected from 1043 songs (350 artists, 145 albums):
1. Coldplay – AmsterdamColdplay Live 2003
2. Utah Saints – RhinocerosTwo
3. 54-40 – Animal in PainGoodbye Flatland
4. Hybrid – BeachcomaWide Angle [UK]
5. Massive Attack – AngelMezzanine
6. Coldplay – We Never ChangeParachutes
7. Thievery Corporation – Omid (Hope)The Richest Man In Babylon
8. Pet Shop Boys – What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Extended Mix)Further Listening 1987-1988 (Disc 2)
9. Pet Shop Boys – The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (Extended Version)Alternative (Disc 1)
10. The Future Sound of London – Quagmire / In A State Of Permanent AbyssDead Cities

Heckticus Maximus

Hello, faithful reader! Just about to head off to the garage to get that boot changed. Life’s been pretty hectic what with HPSN just around the corner. D’oh!! Just got called into work.
Update, 11:43am: Well, work turned out to be nothing major; just a minor tweak and all was well. I’ve got a brand new front-right CV joint! Total: $213 with tax. Things don’t feel/sound much different, although the steering is tighter, and, for reasons I don’t understand, changing gears feels cleaner (basically, the car just doesn’t lurch as much as it used to, especially between 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd). Weird. But cool.
Anyhow, it’s lunchtime (hooray!). I love being up early on Saturday.


We had the first rains of spring today. Boom! Lightning and everything. First time since August or so.
Well, I hope everyone’s had a alright week so far. Mine’s been composed of returning a lot of calls — I’ve had at least two new voicemails/day after getting home from work since the article came out 11 days ago. I thought it would have died down by now but apparently not!
Incidentally, if you haven’t submitted your homework yet, get on it! Today is the submission deadline. I sent mine in last night, I hope at least a couple other folks have too, considering there’s *prizes* to be won (click on the “comment” link).
While the general stress-level around work has gone down a bit, the hours haven’t. Not anything like the monster that was last week, but still not where they should be.
Took the car in for an oil change today, learned the “boot” on the front-right axle is broken and needs to be replaced. That’ll be $189 please. Does that sound right to any of my car-familiar readers? Going in Saturday to get it done. And apparently it’s about 20 mins worth of work. Ugh.

Rubber Grasshoppers

While waiting at a stop light yesterday, a leaf jumped out of my fingers while I was removing it from my car’s windshield. This, of course, totally freaked the hell out of me, and I nervously peered around to see who had seen me jump in my chair.
Turns out, said leaf was not actually a leaf at all but a grasshopper, cleverly coloured and textured to look like a leaf. Stem and everything.
In the process of trying to hop away, it lost a leg (which I later discovered was caught between the driver’s side door and the car body). Had it looked more like a grasshopper and not a leaf, I probably wouldn’t have touched it. How’s that for a little evolutionary irony? Grasshoppers need to start looking like the the black of the rubber liner on car doors methinks.
Anyhow, the weekend was composed of movie, work, Ultimate, and movie.
Blue Velvet was…. well, definitely Lynch. Not sure how much I like it yet. Here’s why I’ve liked Lynch films so much so far — they’ve made me think about what I’m watching. Blue Velvet was more of straight-ahead look at a deviant side of an otherwise sleepy small town. Definitely not as mixed up (and hence, interesting) as Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive, but you can definitely see how he “got there from here”.
If you like the show, then you’ll love Kids in the Hall: Same Guys, New Dresses. It follows the Canadian five-some on tour, back together again for the first time since 1996 when Brain Candy was released and promptly met with a dismal performance at the box office. KitH: SGND didn’t include as many skits as I was hoping for (“I’m crushing your head!!”), focusing more the tour itself, but it was still a lot of fun, including a great bit where the Kids meet up with Conan and Andy. Definitely worth the rental for any fan of the series.
Finally, I spent a little bit of Saturday working on a wee homework assignment. It’s not too late to participate, do have a look, take a few shots, and send ’em in. It’ll be neat to see what everyone comes up with.


Accomplished this morning: Slept in, almost missed breakfast, made appt to get oil changed, induldged in a grande caramel frappucino. Mmmm. Still to come: spend an hour at work to tie up some loose ends, then back outside to fool around with the camera.
In other news: after a too-long hiatus, Perpetual Karma is back. Yeah!


“So, what’s up with the exposure on that shot, Krishen?”
It’s a test pic I took at lunch today for the new Extrametrical homework assignment.
If you’ve got a digicam and can set exposure levels/white balance, check it out.. it’s a neat way to get to know your camera a little better. The due date is Feb 25th, so start snapping. There’s no prize or anything — it’s just for fun; at the end Jim (who runs Extrametrical and is a good friend of mine) is going to post the submissions.
And in other news, we’re finally getting past the major development phase at work, the home-work see-saw is going to be approaching a balancing state again soon. 🙂
(For today’s pic, I composed the shot in “Auto” mode, read off the exposure time (1/1000th of sec) and f-stop (4.0), switched to manual mode, set the exposure to 1/1000, and changed the f-stop to 2.0. You might want to change the ISO level too if you have it — I used 200 for this shot.)

Game on!

It’s been a long, tiring day. Meeting the folks who heard about our Ultimate team through the paper was fun — though we had field trouble again. Off to reset the dryer and then to bed. Sleep well!

Ultimate Makes the News

Watched Muppets in Space tonight with Kai, Jeff, Amy, Erik, Melissa, Kemp and Cam. Don’t believe the imdb rating. The movie was a total blast, highly recommended. Let’s just say I was left wondering just how much of the humor in the Muppets went over my head when I was younger. Heh.
Without further ado, here’s the newspaper story I mentioned last time… Great article (apart from a little typo). 🙂
Click the thumbnails for a larger version.

Funny story about this — I guess at one point the reporter had asked if she could use me as a contact for the story. Here I thought she meant for her research. Saturday morning rolled around, I awoke to voice on the phone I didn’t recognize, asking for me by name. I blurt out “He’s not available right now.” The voice says back “That’s okay, I’ll call back later.”, after which point I cursed to myself for not saying “I’m not interested.”
It wasn’t until four hours later that I realized my home number was in the paper as a contact for Ultimate in Sarasota, and that my “telemarketer” was actually person who had read the article that morning and was calling to inquire. Thankfully he did call back (thanks Greg) 🙂
I’ve had five more people call since that — woo! I’ve invited them all out to tomorrow night’s practice, should be a lot of fun! 🙂

Big Massive Grocery-List Update

Wow, feels like it’s been forever since I posted last. Because, well, I guess it has. Sorry about that. Work’s gotten the better of me since Tuesday (excluding Saturday); I am going to try and keep you all more up to date in the coming week.
Especially since my good friend Jim will be posting an assignment shortly.
So, it’s all getting a bit hazy, here are the week’s accomplishments:

  • Worked (a lot)
  • Watched Get Shorty. A little confusing in parts but great fun (and I’m sure makes more sense if you watch it in a single day)
  • Watched Sea Biscuit. An uplifting look at the great depression (and horse racing too). Not bad, but nothing spectacular, either. Watched over three days and two five-day rental periods.
  • Remember that reporter who had a photographer come out? Well, her article about Ultimate came out yesterday, and I was quoted in it. Wahoo! 🙂 Stay tuned, I’ll probably be posting it here soon.
  • Thanks to a friend of coworker, I watched the Tampa Bay Lightning-Florida Panthers NHL game last night for free! Tampa won, woot.
And that brings me to here.
Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day; I spent mine lazing (wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that word written) about the house. Today, it’s work for a couple of hours, then off to pickup-disc in Bradenton. Hopefully it’s not too soggy out, we had the most horrendous rainstorm last night.